Get ALL the ’80s Feels With the KBShimmer All the Bright Moves Collection


Summer is JUST around the corner. Neons totally remind me of my childhood because Lisa Frank, of course. I collect(ed) Lisa Frank holographic stickers, and I still have them in MINT condition at my parents’ house. I’ve always been obsessed with unicorns, neons, holographics, and the like. Christy Rose created a beautiful neon collection called “All the Bright Moves”, so let’s take a look at them.

  • KBShimmer All the Bright Moves
  • KBShimmer Race Against Slime
  • KBShimmer Please Don’t Glow Girl
  • KBShimmer Color Me Rad 
  • KBShimmer Let’s Be Frank
  • KBShimmer Double Pog Dare You

All the Bright Moves is a beautiful neon yellow, which reminds me of highlighters that I used to doodle on my nails when I was bored in class. 

Race Against Slime, a neon lime green, will totally remind you of Nickelodeon and Gak! OMG, does anyone remember that fun stuff??

Color Me Rad is a hot pink that literally is HOT HOT HOT!

Please Don’t Glow Girl is a glorious neon orange. I am infatuated with this!

Let’s Be Frank is a radioactive violet that will give you Lisa Frank vibes!

Double Pog Dare You, a bright neon sky blue, will have you soaring!

These beauties don’t require white “undies”, which means they are shockingly bright on their own!! I’m all for a neon that doesn’t need white underneath. Some of these may appear duller than they really are because they really freaked out my camera, but let me tell you – these are SO worth it, so if you are at PolishCon NYC today, definitely pick them up OR you can find them at You can buy the entire collection for $50 ($5.50 savings) or individually for $9.25. 

Which one is YOUR favorite?

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