Primp Momma in a Purple Paisley Dress from PinkBlush


Who says you can’t wear deeper shades in the spring and summer? I definitely don’t stand by the “wear only certain colors per season” rule because I love wearing colors that I’m in the mood for. Since we spoke last about PinkBlush, I have become an ambassador, which is amazing because I love the dresses I have received from them thus far and look forward to styling more outfits. Although I will have my baby soon (I’m 36 weeks), I do plan to continue to wear from their maternity and women’s collection based on styles and fit. As I’ve said before, you don’t HAVE TO be pregnant to wear their clothing! I have been wearing my pre-pregnancy size in maternity and there’s plenty of room for a growing bump and even after baby comes. They also service plus size, which is definitely a beautiful thing to me! I love that they cater to so many diverse sizes and help flatter all body types.

Are you ready to see the dress I chose? 

The Purple Paisley Chiffon Dress is another easy, breezy, and beautiful dress that is also cinched under the bust for a stylish and sweet emphasis on the baby bump. I love the material chiffon because especially in the last leg of pregnancy, there is a lot of sweating thanks to even more hormones and such. I’m in my 36th week in these photos, and I found this dress to be extremely comfortable. As you may know, itching is normal on the belly as it stretches and grows and this dress helps you feel comfortable and dry. What I can’t absolutely stop raving about is the fact that these dresses are perfect for after birth, as well. They flatter the belly even after you’ve had your bundle of joy and continues to be a staple dress even after you’ve gone back to pre-pregnancy weight! I chose the size I already wear, and it fit beautifully, but you also have the option to choose from various sizes, and often times, these dresses also come in plus sizes.

The best part about PinkBlush? You just need to find the size and style that suits you, and you’re set. They also do accept returns and exchange is super easy! I’m a HUGE fan of shopping online, but when it comes to clothing, I hesitate. But, not with PinkBlush. Their shipping is super fast, and their customer service is also friendly and helpful. So, grab that dress you’re eyeing and know that you’re going to be in for a comfortable and fashionable time!

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