Give Your Lips the TLC They Deserve with FarmHouse Fresh Lip Balms


When it comes to lip balms, I secretly (and not-so-secretly hoard them). Ask my hubs – he says he finds 1 lip balm on each and every window sill, even our mantel, and several more in the nightstand and bathroom drawers. What can I say – I feel our lips deserve TLC at all times. One of my favorite lip balms are the FarmHouse Fresh Hydrating Lip Balms in Whoopie! and Coconut Beach. 

These are unlike lip balms you will find anywhere else because they come in gorgeous silver packaging that is reminiscent of a lipstick and the shape of the lip balm is perfect that it coats your lips in one swipe. I was able to sleep wearing this lip balm and it was not heavy at all. In fact, my lips were nourished, softened, and in perfect condition the next morning. And, for me, this is important when I wear lipsticks ALL the time. This is a great lip balm to slip into when you want to replenish your lips back to normal. 

I absolutely adore the scents of these lip balms because they are beautifully subtle yet delicious (enough to eat, but again, please don’t!) and the formula of this lip balm is just wonderful. Once I complete it, I will definitely need to grab more!! 

Have you tried FarmHouse Fresh Hydrating Lip Balms? What do you think of these?!


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