KBShimmer PolishCon NYC Exclusives: We Make Your Dreams Come Blue and Grand Prospect Holo


April 29th, make plans to either attend Polish Con NYC to grab these two exclusive (only at event) KBShimmer beauties or find someone to. Again, these are only available for purchase at Polish Con NYC so either you need to purchase or find someone to help you purchase them because they are absolutely stunning, as per usual. Christy Rose has made these with such effort that as soon as you apply these, you’ll NEVER want to remove them.

The shades are:

  • KBShimmer We Make Your Dreams Come Blue
  • KBShimmer Grand Prospect Holo

Grand Prospect Holo

Grand Prospect Holo is a truly unique multichrome that we blended with several different pigments to shift from a teal green, to aqua blue, to purple and sometimes even navy.  This spectrum of color is accented by a scattering of holo glitters, similar to our mega flame finish.

This multi-chrome is especially mesmerizing. The scattered holo is beautifully intense with a beautiful shift of teal and purples. 3 coats used.

We Make Your Dreams Come Blue

We Make Your Dreams Come Blue is an icy blue jelly polish.  We loaded the jelly base with holographic micro flakes and shimmer.  These flakes glow in the light, while turquoise shimmer pops thorugh the flakes for a glowy aqua polish, in other lights you can almost catch a periwinkle or sky blue color. 

This unique ice blue chrome with scattered holographic flakes is enchanting. This polish is ridiculously gorgeous! 

Will you be heading to Polish Con NYC to get these gorgeous chrome/multi-chromes? If you can’t go, try to arrange someone to pick these beauties (and all her current offerings, as well) up for you! You will NOT regret it.

Website: kbshimmer.com

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