Get Beach Ready with the ColourPop Monochromatic Sand Collection


Sand or neutral tones – whatever you want to call them – they are definitely beautiful on various skintones and go beautifully together, so there’s no doubt that Phase III: Sand Collection of the ColourPop Spring 2017 Collection is a HUGE hit. As usual, I grabbed this immediately when it launched to make sure that I’m here to help you choose which phase is the best match for you OR if you’re like me, you’ll want them all – every last piece! 

Phase I: Nectar Collection
Phase II: Pink Collection

And, finally, Phase III: Sand Collection contains the following pieces:

  • Pressed Powder Face Duo: Double Play containing the shades Getting Handsy and Padded Down
  • Pressed Powder Shadow Palette: Heavy Hitter containing the shades Full-ZipRingerSide Tracked, and Top Notch (also sold separately)
  • Pressed Powder Shadows: EgoConundrumBoxer (also in this post is Note to Self, which is not part of the Sand Collection but is a great shade to add to your collection)
  • 2 Ultra Satin Lips: Strip and Strut
  • 2 Ultra Matte Lips: Knotty and Embellish
  • 2 Super Shock Shadows: Reversible and Super Hard Core

Double Play contains 1 blush in Getting Handsy and 1 highlighter in Padded Down. 

Getting Handsy:

Padded Down:

Wearing Double Play on my face in all pictures. 

The pressed powder shadow palette is called Heavy Hitter, and contains the shades  Full-ZipRingerSide Tracked, and Top Notch (also sold separately). 

Top to Bottom: Full-ZipRinger

Top to Bottom: Side TrackedTop Notch

For the #EOTD, I used Ringer all over the lid, Top Notch was used in the crease, Side Tracked was used on the outer lid, and Full-Zip was used to highlight the browbone.

There are 3 other pressed powder shadows in the Sand Collection (EgoConundrum, and Boxer), and to get another FREE palette, I added Note to Self

Top to Bottom: Ego and Boxer

Top to Bottom: Conundrum and Note to Self

The Holiday Collection included Ultra Matte Lips in Knotty and Embellish, which are back as part of the Sand Collection. 



The Ultra Satin Lips in Strip and Strut are a great addition to the ColourPop line. These shades are beautiful. 



And, last but not least, are the stunning super shock shadows in Reversible and Super Hard Core, which could easily double as highlighters. 

Super Hard Core:


Top to Bottom: Super Hard Core and Reversible

If you are also into the monochromatic trend, then you have three phases to choose from. 

Phase I: Nectar Collection
Phase II: Pink Collection

Which one (or two or all) fits you?!


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Gorgeous shades on you! Seeing your CP pressed powder shadow palette, I should have picked some up when I ordered a couple of days ago, but I couldn’t help myself I ordered more of the Super Shock ones coz I just love creams πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! The SSS are divine. I don’t blame you, but some of the pressed powders are buttery! 😍

  2. You are the best advertisement ever for ColourPop. Every time I read your reviews it adds to my list of what I’m buying. The eyeshadow colors look beautiful and a few like Ego and Boxer will be in my next order.

  3. I had hoped this post would help me narrow down my picks, but it’s making me want a few more! Ahhh! These are really pretty!

  4. These are gorgeous on you. I’m considering the Pink and Nectar collections or at least something from each. I love those shades, so much.

    • Yes, they are all SO beautiful. It was really hard for me to narrow it down so I did not. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

  5. Strut is all kinds of amazing!

  6. I love embellished on you! The shadows are so pretty. This color palette is very me.

  7. WOW!!!!!! These shades are so gorgeous on you, and the looks that you created are stunning!

  8. Yass, girl, you look fierce! Love your looks with dark lip colors! You totally pull them off <3

  9. I adore the Embellish lippie on you!!

  10. I actually really love that dark brown lippie on you!

  11. You’re rocking all those lip colours – I wish I could do that! Knotty would make my lips disappear, but Strip and Strut are right up my alley.

  12. Oooh, these are all so pretty!

  13. I love the look you created & your swatches are gorgeous. I think this is my favorite collection they’ve released so far!

  14. I am totally digging the tones in this collection! And I LOVE Embellish on you!

  15. The looks you created are gorgeous! I am tempted to pull out some neglected eyeshadows!

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  22. I like the eye shadow shades and makeup look from Color Pop…look really nice!


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