Get the Monochromatic Peach Look with the ColourPop Nectar Collection


The trendiest trend right now is to keep your makeup monochromatic instead of mixing and matching. ColourPop has been releasing Spring collections in the form of monochromatic phases – Phase 1: Nectar, Phase 2: Pink, and Phase 3: Sand. This post is about Phase 1: Nectar, which contains the following:

  • Pressed Powder Face Duo: The Knockout containing the shades Excuse my French and Like to Watch
  • Pressed Powder Shadow Palette: Blow Me Away containing the shades Take a BreakIssuesCenterfold, and Slim Fit (also sold separately)
  • Pressed Powder Shadows: Cut-Outs and Sauvage
  • 3 Ultra Satin Lips: Likely, Exaggerated, and Jacquard
  • 1 Ultra Matte Lip: The Twirl
  • 2 Lippie Stix and matching Lippie Pencils: Oversized and Faded
  • 3 Super Shock Shadows: One by OneFlipper, and Going Rogue
  • 1 Super Shock Cheek: Drop of a Hat

The Knockout Pressed Powder Face Duo contains a beautiful dirty peach blush, Excuse My French and a peach highlighter with a subtle duochrome flip of gold called Like to Watch. I was terrified about getting this ONLY because of my experience with the ColourPop x Alexis Ren Pressed Powder Face Duo. If you remember, the bronzer part of my Alexis Ren palette came with a bubble, which has since burst causing a HUGE mess and a waste of a lot of product, so seeing this in PERFECT condition made me happy that they have definitely corrected that issue. 

Wearing this on my cheeks in all face pictures along with the Super Shock Cheek in Drop of a Hat

Excuse My French: 

Like to Watch

Without further ado, this is my first post featuring the pressed powder shadows ON my eyes. I have yet to update the ColourPop Love Collection with photos of me wearing them and will slowly but surely add them as I wear them. I have a few posts coming soon about some of the other individual shades, so always stayed tuned! The Blow Me Away Pressed Powder Shadow Palette is a sugary sweet peachy palette that goes BEAUTIFUL together. I used all 4 shades: Take a BreakIssuesCenterfold, and Slim Fit (also sold separately) on my eyes. Two other shadows were sold additionally (not part of Blow Me Away) in Sauvage and Cut-Outs. These are wonderful, and although they will NOT take the spot of my beloved Super Shock Shadows, these go on great (with minimal fall out solved by a tap of the brush) and last for hours without creasing. 

Take a Break was used on the entire lid. Centerfold was added to the inner crease, while Slim Fit was given the job to define my outer crease and contour the eyes. Issues was used to highlight the brow bone. 

L-R: Take a BreakIssuesCenterfold, and Slim Fit 

Top to Bottom: Take a BreakIssues

Top to Bottom: CenterfoldSlim Fit 

Sauvage and Cut-Outs:

The 3 Ultra Satin Lips in this collection are Likely, Exaggerated, and Jacquard, a variety of nectar-shaded liquid lipsticks. The Ultra Satin Lips are known for their comfortable wear albeit transferable formula. 




The Twirl is the only Ultra Matte Lip in the collection, and it’s a peach-toned pink. 

There are 2 Lippie Stix and matching pencils in Oversized and Faded. I grabbed the lip pencils after a very long time to see how the formula has changed or stayed the same. The formula is still creamy and can be worn solo or with the matching Lippie Stix over the top, so I am going to show both so you can see whether or not you need the pencil or not. For the creme formula (which is SUPER buttery and rich, I would recommend it to avoid bleeding, feathering, and long-wear). 

Oversized Lippie Pencil: 

Oversized Lippie Stix with matching Lippie Pencil (looks the same with or without pencil):

Faded Lippie Pencil:

Faded Lippie Stix with matching Pencil (looks the same with or without pencil):

ColourPop has promised that the Super Shock Shadows are NOT going anywhere! Thank goodness because I love the formula of these cream-to-powder shadows. They blend well, last a long time without creasing, and are super pigmented. The Super Shock Shadows included in the Nectar Collection are One by OneFlipper, and Going Rogue.

One by One:


Going Rogue:

Top to Bottom: One by One, Flipper, and Going Rogue

And, finally, the last piece of the Nectar Collection – Super Shock Cheek in Drop of a Hat in my favorite formula, Pearlized, because it can double up as a highlighter and blush combo. 

Who’s ready for Phase II of the Monochromatic Collections?! Phase II is PINK! So, stay tuned, as it should be arriving here soon! 


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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