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As I’ve mentioned before in a previous Sanskriti Box review, being a 1st generation Indian-American in the ’80s meant learning a lot from our elders and Hindi/Bollywood movies. Nowadays, our children are lucky to learn from a lot more resources than before, And, I mean, a LOT more! Growing up with two different cultures, I was still able to pick up on my parents’ mother tongue, Hindi, and learn about different things in food, culture, heritage, and even religion. With the addition of Sanskriti Box in the present, my 2nd generation Indian-American son is able to learn at his level through crafts, books, and even pieces of culture, such as rang/colors for Holi, the Festival of Colors – something I yearned for as a child! 

The most asked questions I receive about Sanskriti Box are:

  • How much does it cost? 
  • What are the contents?

So, I wanted to highlight a few things, so that you can see if this box works for you and your child(ren)!

As you see above, the Silver Subscription ($34.95) includes:
Standard Month – 2 Hardcover Books about South Asian culture Holiday Month – 1-2 Books + Holiday Supplies *Crafts, Flashcards, Charms, and Cookies are not included

Gold Subscription ($44.95):
Gold includes everything in Silver plus 5 Educational Flashcards, Treat, Craft Kit, and Charm for just $10 more.  
1st box also includes free welcome kit.

For an all-around experience, I would recommend the Gold Subscription because my son really enjoys reading through the 5 Educational Flashcards and definitely LIVES for the treats, charm, and crafts! 

In the standard Silver Subscription, these items were included for Holi:

The Silver Subscription works well because you are sent two books related to the month or holiday being celebrated and a few items related, so if your child is maybe older, then this box is wonderful. 

As my son loves to learn about different things and is especially fond of books, reading, and crafts, the Gold Subscription Box works really well for him! He looks forward to crafting, as he has the freedom to use scissors and glue now that he is older, and loves the way he can transform regular things into something more. I guess he takes after his Momma in that sense since I really love to DIY and craft! 

If you’re interested in your child(ren) learning more about the Indian culture, this is a fantastic subscription box to try! There are other items available that are just plain fun! So, make sure you check them out at sanskritibox.com.
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