Wet N Wild Beauty The Sweetest Bling + Lilac to Reality Mega Glo Highlighting Powder Swatches and Review


One of my unspoken loves – speaking cosmetically, of course – are highlighters.  No makeup look of mine is complete without the use of them. In fact, I usually forgo blush in exchange for a beautiful highlighter because when you lighten up your cheeks and high areas of your face, you add more life than a flushed look would! The newest trend in highlighting is lavender. Before you close the page thinking that it’s not for you, listen to me! Lavender is used in color correcting products to brighten sallow skin and give it more life. You may say, well – are you saying I have sallow skin? Lifeless skin? No. I’m not. But, who doesn’t want to brighten and liven up!? Lavender highlighter works the same as color correcting products and gives you that luminous look you’ve been yearning for, I promise! Pink also works the same way cancelling out darkness and giving a more bright look than before even if you don’t have any dark circles or dark spots. When you mix the two together, it’s magic!!

The Sweetest Bling is the more pink one, but it does have purple hints to it. This can easily be used as a blush with the heart used as a highlighter. For my peach undertones, I love to use ivory and lighter-toned highlighters to add a beautiful light to my skin, so this looked fabulous. 

Lilac to Reality is a multi-chrome/duochrome lavender with blue undertones. This one is fantastic! If it scares you as a highlighter, I recommend buying it as a beautiful sheer eyeshadow. This is a must have! It’s too unique and trying the trend of a lavender highlighter may surprise you! 

And, of course, you’re probably more curious as to how it looks incorporated in a makeup look. Fear not, I have you covered! Both highlighters were used. Lipstick is Wet N Wild Beauty Berry Recognize

The quality and last of these is definitely amazing for a drugstore product. For $5 each, you get a good amount of product. I used finger to apply because I did not want to mix the heart and the surrounding shades because I like the ivory/pink hearts in the centers as an additional highlighter. These are LIMITED EDITION, so check your local Walgreens (and perhaps even other drugstores for availability). Currently, they are also available on the Wet N Wild Beauty website as part of a package for $29.99 (total value of $43+), so if you’re eyeing the eyeshadows, the lipstick palette, and other pieces of this collection, this is quite a great deal! 

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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