Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit (Pink Really Hard, Flame of the Game, Berry Recognize, and Rebel Rose) Swatches and Review


After trying two of the Wet N Wild Beauty Liquid Catsuits, I couldn’t get a few shades out of my head. Because of this, I headed back to Rite Aid, and I’m glad I was able to get my hands on them! They are still BOGO (Buy One Get One) 50% off, so it’s a fantastic deal if you’re a lipstick junkie like me because you’re getting two for under $8! Not a bad deal at all. 

The four I picked up this time were:

  • Wet N Wild Pink Really Hard Liquid Catsuit 
  • Wet N Wild Flame of the Game Liquid Catsuit
  • Wet N Wild Berry Recognize Liquid Catsuit
  • Wet N Wild Rebel Rose Liquid Catsuit



Pink Really Hard is true to its name, unfortunately. When I applied it, I couldn’t see it on my lips at all because it applied thinly and watery. On top of that, it was extremely drying and patchy. I usually find this issue with a lot of liquid lipsticks that have a white base. The color, however, is gorgeous, and suited my medium skintone, but it just didn’t apply the way I had hoped. 

Wet N Wild Beauty Pink Really Hard Liquid Catsuit

Wet N Wild Beauty Pink Really Hard Liquid Catsuit

After trying Pink Really Hard, I was a little nervous about Rebel Rose, but much to my surprise, it applied magically and flawlessly. In fact, it was perfection. A terrific subtle mauve nude. My only complaint? It does show brush strokes, which is rare, but that happens because this formula goes from a gloss to matte in a matter of seconds, so you need to work quickly!

Wet N Wild Beauty Rebel Rose Liquid Catsuit

Wet N Wild Beauty Rebel Rose Liquid Catsuit

Flame of the Game is one that I tried to resist (as hard as I could) because orange is my weakness. I will buy ANY orange liquid lipstick/lipstick/makeup item, so I actually went back to Rite Aid for this one. This beautiful orange has a little bit of red, but it’s perfect! It applied nicely, too! 

Wet N Wild Beauty Flame of the Game Liquid Catsuit

Wet N Wild Beauty Flame of the Game Liquid Catsuit

Last but definitely not least is my favorite of the four. Yes, I know, you’re surprised it wasn’t Flame of the Game. It actually was Berry Recognize. This one went on like a mousse and applied the best of the four in every way – opacity, quality, formula, and comfort. 

Wet N Wild Beauty Berry Recognize Liquid Catsuit

Wet N Wild Beauty Berry Recognize Liquid Catsuit

For a liquid lipstick that is under $5, the quality and last is outstanding! I wore Berry Recognize all day long and it wore like iron. The color options are great, but I do wish they would come out with some matte metallics and maybe some fun shades that other liquid lipstick companies stray away from to make themselves stand out. Wet N Wild always reminded me of fun and careless, so I wish they would do something like that again! Other than that, I would definitely recommend trying these since they’re only $4.99 and you could find a great BOGO deal like the one at Rite Aid. Not only that, they are pretty comfortable and come in wearable shades!

Which shade is YOUR favorite?

Website: wetnwildbeauty.com

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Hmm you’re the second blogger today reporting issues with some of the shades

  2. Rebel Rose is one I’d take a chance on trying. The last one is perfect Shipra!

  3. I love Rebel Rose! The pink is so pretty, but that’s way too drying for me!

  4. I only have Rebel Rose and I really like it! It’s so perfect for every day wear. These all look pretty on your skin tone and hair color!

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  6. I like the lighter shades on you!

  7. I think the 4th one has better coverage and formula based from your lip swatches

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