ColourPop Cutie Combos (Ultra Matte Lips turned Matte X) Swatches and Review


What my favorite thing about ColourPop is? They listen. It’s been asked many times of them to turn certain shades into different formulas, and what did they do? They did it! They turned 8 of their FAVORITE Ultra Matte Lips to the comfy, cozy, and flawless formula of Matte X Lippie Stix (and matching lipliners ~ they have the same name as the Ultra Matte Lip shades). They were a little sneaky about it – they asked through a poll – asking which of the 8 Ultra Matte Lips should be turned to Matte X. I voted Bumble. 



ColourPop followed through about 2 days later – in true ColourPop fashion – and released ALL of them! This sure made this lipstick junkie happy. I love the Matte X formula, so I had to have them all. 


The 8 colors released were:
– ColourPop Nixed (Inspired by Notion Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Mirror Mirror (Inspired by Bad Habit Ultra Matte Lip)
– ColourPop Goal Digger (Inspired by Bumble Ultra Matte Lip)
– ColourPop Sauce (Inspired by Viper Ultra Matte Lip)
– ColourPop Secret Stash (Inspired by Love Bug Ultra Matte Lip)
– ColourPop Party Foul (Inspired by Are N Be Ultra Matte Lip)
– ColourPop Crack Me Up (Inspired by Beeper Ultra Matte Lip)
– ColourPop Kapish (Inspired by Wild Nothing Ultra Matte Lip)


L-R: Kapish, Secret Stash, Crack Me Up, and Goal Digger

Kapish | Wild Nothing



Secret Stash | Love Bug



Crack Me Up | Beeper



Goal Digger | Bumble



And, then we have…


L-R: Nixed, Mirror Mirror, Sauce, and Party Foul

Nixed | Notion



Mirror Mirror | Bad Habit



Sauce | Viper



Party Foul | Are & Be



Out of the ColourPop lipsticks, my favorite formula has to be the Matte X because it goes on smoothly and without ANY hiccups. My lips are NOT even primed with chapstick in these photos, so you can see how forgiving and buttery they really are. When you apply them, the formula is so weightless and the slip is perfection. Since the formula is SO weightless, you hardly feel it on your lips throughout the day, and the wear is fantastic. These are NOT transfer-proof by any means, BUT I have kissed my little on the cheek wearing these and only a faint outline of my lip transferred on to him (much to his chagrin). As you wear these, they fade mostly in the middle, and of course, food and drink breaks them down the most. 


Which one is YOUR favorite?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I’d say Secret Stash/Love Bug is my fave though they all look fab on you. I still doubt that I could wear these on my super dry lips because even their Ultra Satins are somewhat drying on me, so I need to try their glosses next. CP’s shades are fantastic.

  2. Ooooooh, Secret Stash & Sauce are my faves! <3 I love a larger company that listens to feedback. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow every single one of these are so gorgeous. Can you believe I haven’t purchased anything from them yet?

  4. I love that they released them ALL! They all look amazing! I think I neeeeed Goal Digger.

  5. I love Gold Digger, though you are rocking all of them!

  6. You wear them all so well. The formula looks great on you and it’s nice that your wishes have come true. I love the price of these.

  7. I haven’t ever tried any of these from ColourPop, but all of these look great on you so I’m thinking I really should!

  8. The berry-colored shades are especially lovely!

  9. Every single shade is absolutely gorgeous, and they are all absolutely stunning on you!

  10. I can’t choose a favorite, I want them all!

  11. You’re killing me with all these awesome lippies!!! Kapish is amazing. It looks meh in the packaging but so gorgeous on.

  12. I am SUCH a fan of Colourpop lipsticks, I can’t believe the quality is so outstanding, all for just 5 bucks.

  13. I really like Secret Stash! That’s a great color.

  14. I haven’t tried ColourPop yet, but a matte lipstick with a creamy, smooth application sounds like perfection. And these shades all look gorgeous on you.

  15. These are all so so fabulous on you – you can pull off just about any shade! Gorgeous, girl πŸ™‚

  16. Girl… when it comes to lippies… you always look Fab and can pull it all off. I absolutely love Nixed on you… it’s a gorgeous shade.

  17. Uggh! They all look so beautiful on you! I definitely need to grab every shade! Thank goodness they’re wallet friendly.

  18. This combo is very pretty. I love all the shades and definitely need to pick it up.

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