ColourPop Sweet Peach Liquid Lipstick Collection Swatches and Review


Another HAUTE color this season (and all-year-round) is peach. I’m quite smitten with this shade because it’s feminine without being too feminine (think pink) and it’s also quite flattering on a lot of skintones. For this reason, ColourPop released 5 shades of peach to go with all different skintones. I have also included Instigator (again) in this post because it’s also a wonderful shade of peach. 



The shades included in this collection are:
– Airplane Mode
– Autocorrect
– Screenshot
– Double Tap
– Speed Dial

And, as I mentioned earlier, there’s a bonus in this post:
– Instigator

Instigator (Ultra Matte Lip):



Airplane Mode (Ultra Matte Lip):



Autocorrect (Ultra Matte Lip):



Screenshot (Ultra Satin Lip):



Double Tap (Ultra Satin Lip):



Speed Dial (Ultra Matte Lip):



The Sweet Peach collection is a stunning collection of neutral shades that are perfect for everyday wear and for all sorts of skintones. I wanted to try them all, so that all the medium skin-toned and darker skin-toned ladies can figure out the shades for them. They are all long-lasting, and some are drier than others, such as Screenshot, which was really patchy and dry for me, even though it was an Ultra Satin Lip. My favorites are Autocorrect and Speed Dial. 

Which ones are perfect for YOU?



Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I think they all look great on you! Although I think l like Speed Dial best.

  2. The names crack me up! πŸ™‚ I love Double Tap & Airplane Mode. Bummer about Screenshot’s formula.

  3. Love all of these on you! I need to pick up a couple for my stash πŸ™‚

  4. I just got into ColourPop recently and love their shadows and lip stix! I’ve heard mixed reviews on the matte glosses. But these are great colors, I like peach too.

  5. I like the colour of Speed Dial, but I’ve been rubbed the wrong way with all CP’s lippies turning the same dull shade of brown when they’re supposedly more vibrant. Wasted too much with them already

  6. I am so dying to try some of these!

  7. Autocorrect is like the perfect nude lip for you! There are some lovely shades here.

  8. These look like they have great pigmentation.

  9. Nice neutrals. I’d need the more pink tones as some would clash with my skin tone

  10. Oh man – will Peach be the shade of the spring season?! I love Instigator!

  11. These are pretty! I’m not a huge peach fan, but I really like them!

  12. I love all of these! Autocorrect is my favorite; I’m really into neutral lip colors right now. PS: I love your sweater!

  13. They’re all so pretty, I love a good nude! I really enjoy Colourpop’s Ultra Satin lip line — I need to get more from them!

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