ColourPop x Hello Kitty Ribbon, Milk Bottle, and Mimmy Ultra Matte Lips Swatches and Review


Ribbon was released alone (I did not purchase the Hello Pretty Kit), so I had to purchase it along with the new Hello Kitty Ultra Matte Lips to create Part V. There will be one last segment with the ColourPop x Hello Kitty School is Fun Super Shock highlighter and maybe a round-up post. 

For PART I (Lippie Stix in Konnichiwa, Date Mate, and Let’s Play), click HERE.
For PART II (Ultra Glossy Lips in Arigato, Trinkets, and Supercute), click HERE
For PART III (Ultra Satin Lips in Tiny Chum and Lock Diary and Ultra Metallic Lip in Surprise), click HERE
For PART IV (Mama’s Apple Pie Quad), click HERE.



Ribbon is a gorgeous red! If you need a transfer-proof, comfortable red, then this is it!! 



Milk Bottle is a mid-tone pink that did give me a little strife because it was a little more drying than Ribbon and Mimmy, but it’s a gorgeous color. 



Mimmy is a grape purple (on me). I’ve seen it look more violet on others, but it was pretty dark on me. I love it, though! It’s a comfortable formula and looked smooth and even. 



These 3 shades are fun, and I definitely am loving them, especially Ribbon and Mimmy because they are comfortable and long-lasting! Which ones do you like best?


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Hi I am looking to purchase color pop hello kitty milk bottle

    • Hi Jinni, unfortunately it is now discontinued, but you can check out the website for other gorgeous pinks! I highly recommend Viper. 🌹

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