Get Deliciously Soft with Farmhouse Fresh Marshmallow Melt Shea Butter for Body Cream


Marshmallows. Soft, fluffy, and deliciously sweet marshmallows. Can you imagine slathering that sticky sweet treat all over yourself? No? Good. Farmhouse Fresh Marshmallow Melt is as close as you can get without feeling sticky and icky! The only way I enjoy marshmallows are when they are toasted, covered in chocolate, or even as part of Rocky Road ice cream. And, I’ll have to say that this cream really warmed me up to marshmallows. There’s just something about a soft, delicate scented body cream that gives you silky smooth skin. 



 This shea butter-infused body cream is the luscious, creamy lotion you’ve been looking for! The shea butter gives you smooth and silky skin with a lovely scent reminiscent to marshmallows, a hint of coconut and citrus.


The packaging is divine. I love the rustic, glass bottle with the lovely printing. It makes a lovely addition to the bathroom or kitchen sink (where I currently house it) so that you can keep your hands from getting dry after washing your hands. 

Have you tried Farmhouse Fresh and/or the Marshmallow Melt Shea Butter for Body Cream?


Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Oh gosh, this lotion sounds absolutely fabulous. I’m definitely grabbing this!

  2. I love Farmhouse Fresh. This scent sounds AMAZING!

  3. I love pumps for lotion! Controlled dispense! 🙂 The packaging is adorable on Farmhouse Fresh products.

  4. Oooo the glass bottle is gorgeous! I hate that my favorite creams are tubs. Nothing worse than getting cream under your nail just to get it out of the tub. I spend more time digging it out from under my nail than I do rubbing it into my hands.

  5. I don’t eat marshmallows since they’re generally not vegetarian, BUT I do love the sweet smell! I bet I’d love this lotion 🙂

  6. Marshmallows are the best thing ever. They are also great for sore throats.

  7. Um, I need this now!!!! That scent sounds amazing and I love the packaging! Perfect for keeping at the sink!

  8. I have this body butter sitting on my desk right now, and it’s my favorite lotion right now. Love the marshmallow fragrance!

  9. Sounds like it smells amazing!

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