Stay ON Trend with the ColourPop Dusty Rose Edit + Notion Ultra Matte Lip


Another color of the season is the evergreen and stunning dusty rose! This shade is such a beauty, and it looks GORGEOUS on everybody because dusty rose is THE perfect shade of pink. This shade is feminine, delicate, but packs quite the punch! This collection contains 3 Super Shock Shadows, 2 Ultra Satin Lips, and 2 Ultra Matte Lips. A bonus for you all is the Ultra Matte Lip in Notion. 

What are the lovely shades, you ask?


  • ColourPop Paisley Super Shock Shadow
  • ColourPop Muse Super Shock Shadow
  • ColourPop Brady Super Shock Shadow
  • ColourPop Barracuda Ultra Satin Lip
  • ColourPop Femme Ultra Satin Lip
  • ColourPop Viper Ultra Matte Lip
  • ColourPop Times Square Ultra Matte Lip
  • ColourPop Notion Ultra Matte Lip


Starting with the Super Shock Shadows, these shades are perfection. The pigmentation on these is incredible! Paisley is a glitter topper, which makes it ideal to wear alone or over a shade that requires more sparkle. Muse is a beautiful coppery rose shade that wins, and finally, Brady is a lovely dusty rose matte shade that stuns.








Top to Bottom: Paisley, Muse, and Brady


To create this eye look, Muse is layered on the eyelid with Brady in the crease. Paisley is in the inner corner to mid eyelid for an extra glitzy look and lightly patted on the browbone to highlight subtly. Eyeliner used in the waterline Best O.


There are a variety of two liquid lipsticks in this collection – Ultra Satin Lip and Ultra Matte Lip. 

Barracuda Ultra Satin Lip:



Femme Ultra Satin Lip:



Times Square Ultra Matte Lip:



Viper Ultra Matte Lip:



Notion Ultra Matte Lip:



The Ultra Matte Lips were drying to me this time but it could be because my lips have been drier than usual these days even with moisturizing them daily and in between lipsticks. But, I noticed this trend with all the “freebie” Ultra Matte Lips, and Time Square, Viper, and Notion were from this batch (along with Love Bug). Let me know in the comments if the ones you purchased were better for you! Notion is a lot less drying than the others. The Ultra Satin Lips were amazing, however, and if you haven’t, you NEED Barracuda because this shade is universally flattering!

What do you think of the Dusty Rose Edit? Are you ready for the new release (Studio1400) tomorrow? The collection consists of gorgeous shades depicting Fall/Autumn, so get your wallets ready! 


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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