3 Ways to #SnackBrighter with Outshine


My family enjoys snacking, so we’re always looking for a healthy snack alternative! One of our favorite choices are the Outshine Fruit Bars (made with real fruit or fruit juice and no GMO ingredients) and the Outshine Yogurt Bars (made with 100% yogurt) because they come in all different flavors that the whole family savors! My family has their own tastes, so I enjoy dressing up the fruit bars and/or the yogurt bars with just a few additional ingredients to cater to everybody’s palate and desires. And, who doesn’t love a little chocolate?




Outshine Fruit Bars and Yogurt Bars are readily available at a store near you, and that’s what I love about them! I often pick them up on the way home from picking up my son from school so that he can have a fun, little snack! And, what’s a sweeter treat than dressing up a fruit bar with just a little chocolate and toppings? My favorite? It’s a tie between the Outshine Creamy Coconut topped off with some chocolate drizzle and granola AND the Outshine Peach or Mango topped off with some chocolate drizzle and matcha! But, I also LOVE the Outshine Strawberry topped off with chocolate drizzle and some jimmies. They’re also AWESOME as they are! The possibilities are endless!


My son adores Outshine Strawberry Fruit Bars, so I dressed his up with a hardening chocolate shell and jimmies/chocolate sprinkles, and he couldn’t be more delighted! This treat will definitely be a hit in any household! The fruit bars and yogurt bars are a great healthy snack alternative and a fabulous way to stay cool during a hot summer, but don’t get me wrong – I enjoy these during the chilly months, as well! 

How to: Dress Up Your Outshine Fruit Bar


Step 1: Start with your favorite flavor of Outshine Fruit Bar/Yogurt Bar.


Step 2: Drizzle with a hardening chocolate shell.


Step 3: Top off with your favorite topping. For peach, I love sprinkling on a little chocolate and some matcha. The flavors work so beautifully together!


And there you have it, folks! Three ways to dress up your Outshine Fruit Bars or Yogurt Bars! 

  1. Outshine Peach Fruit Bar with chocolate drizzle and matcha
  2. Outshine Creamy Coconut Fruit Bar with chocolate drizzle and granola
  3. Outshine Strawberry Fruit Bar with chocolate drizzle and jimmies/chocolate sprinkles


Check out the delicious Outshine Fruit Bars and Outshine Yogurt Bars, and see which flavor will be YOUR signature flavor! Also, see their Instagram for more Outshine #SnackBrighter Inspiration! 

How will you enjoy YOUR Outshine Fruit OR Yogurt Bar?



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