ColourPop Fall Edit: Tang, Stereo, Hutch, Sookie, and Dukes


Leave it to ColourPop to surprise shoppers with exciting, new products! Since there was a promo going on for 4 *NEW* Fall Ultra Matte Lips for 2016, I was a little wary about not being able to meet the $50 (Um, because I have MOSTLY everything), so when I saw these NEW products, they immediately went to my cart. So, let’s take a look at these gorgeous shades!

  • ColourPop Hutch Ultra Satin Lip 
  • ColourPop Sookie Ultra Glossy Lip
  • ColourPop Dukes Lippie Stix 
  • ColourPop Tang Super Shock Shadow
  • ColourPop Stereo Super Shock Shadow




Yes, Stereo has been re-released in this collection. 


And, then there’s a new release in the shade Tang:



To create my eye look, I just simply used Tang on the eyelid and Stereo in the crease. The eyeliner is also ColourPop Best O. 


Let’s take a look at the lip products. There’s a formula for just about everybody here – a liquid lipstick, a lipgloss, and a regular lipstick.

Starting off with Sookie, the Ultra Glossy Lip (creme):



Hutch, an Ultra Satin Lip:



There’s a new Lippie Stix in town, and her name is Dukes:



So, let’s talk about these one-by-one. 

Starting off with Sookie, this formula is definitely worth raving about! Ultra Glossy Lips are – in essence – lipglosses. ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips are my favorite type of lipgloss EVER because they are stunning, moisturizing, comfortable, and wear well. Usually lipglosses have my lips feeling heavy, tacky, and uncomfortable, but these are completely amazing. You won’t even feel like anything is on your lips and your lips will also come out looking better than ever after wearing them!

Hutch is an Ultra Satin Lip is absolutely another favorite formula of mine by ColourPop. I can wear these for hours with as much pigment as it was when I applied it. They do transfer! 

Lippie Stix in Dukes. Let me start off by saying that the Lippie Stix did not work for me awhile back, but I decided to try it again, and this time it worked well. We can blame it on my lip health, we can say that the formula has been improved, or just say that this formula can be hit or miss. Let’s just say that I loved how Dukes felt on my lips. It was a matte formula, and it was really comfortable without feeling drying! I will definitely be trying some of the newer lippie stix now.

What do you think of this exciting collection? Terra Cotta Fall Edit releases tomorrow – September 15! 


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. They have such great products for that amazing price. I haven’t purchased anything in a long time but both of those shadows are calling my name.

  2. These are so pretty, and Sookie is over-the-top gorgeous!

  3. You should be their model since everything looks good on you. The colors are perfect fall shades.

  4. I’m glad that they brought back Stereo, I have been wanting that shadow.

  5. What fabulous shades for fall! Dukes almost looks like a duo chrome, amazing!

    I’ve gotta make myself wear my ColourPop shadows and other goodies. I love the look of them but maybe because they’re singles I don’t take them out enough. I also bought a brow pencil, a couple of eye liner gels that I’ve gotta find and try.

  6. Those two shadows are so pretty!! I need!

  7. Those lip colours look fabulous on you! I always love how you pull off vampy, berry and deeper shades!

  8. I snagged all 3 lippies during the sale! So excited to try them!

  9. I don’t have any of those lippy shades that I can recall – but I do have Stereo and it’s such a gorgeous shade. 😉 You are rocking those lippies girl.

  10. Hi, does Hutch bleed throughout the day? or does it stay put? thank yoU!

    • Hello! It really depends. It did stay put for me, but if you eat or drink, it can budge. A clear lipliner would do the trick! ?

  11. How did you get Hutch to apply in a red tone? I’ve tried multiple times and have only gotten to dark purple. Are you using a liner to bring out the red?

    • That’s how it came out on me. I didn’t use a liner. Sometimes colors show up differently based on lip tone, skin tone/undertone, hair, etc.

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