Avoid Razor Mix-Ups with YORZ™


Razor mix-ups are annoying and not exactly hygienic. But, let’s save that for another day! To solve the old mixer-oo,  YORZ™ is a silicone-cover that not only keeps them personalized and recognizable with different color options, but it also allows you to keep grip in a sudsy bath/shower and the ability to hang up to keep them organized and dry.




  • Available in multiple colors. Helps avoid razor mix-ups, which can spread bacteria and viruses.

  • Ergonomic, non-slip grip fits comfortably in your hand.

  • Adaptable hook for caddy or shower door keeps your razor safe and dry.

  • Contains antimicrobial additive.

  • Dermatologist approved.


YORZ™ fit multipack razors including: Gillette Daisy®, Gillette Sensor 2®, CVS Gentle Touch®, Walgreens Studio 35®, Rite Aid Renewal®, Walmart Equate®, Target Up and Up®, Safeway® Brand, Kroger®Brand, and more…OppositeRazors*YORZ™ is not affiliated with any of the above manufacturers or retailers.




What do you think of this amazing way to keep your razors personalized, clean and dry, and a fabulous grip?

Website: yorz.com

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