Connect the Fashionable Way with Social Circle Cards


When at an event, I often times find someone who connects with my love for makeup and blogs, and I happen to mention I actually have one! What this leads to? Obviously, they ask for the web address, and the worst thing that can happen during this conversation is digging through a disorganized purse looking for a pen and a decent looking sheet of paper. Worry not, Social Circle Cards are the future! These round little cuties have all the information you want to share with a personalized touch giving the other person a sense of understanding your style and taste. What’s better is you will not need to open your clutch or purse because this clips RIGHT onto it so that you can quickly give your card looking professional and passionate! 



With room for customization and personalization, the sky is (almost) the limit! You can play around with color, add logos, or just stick with a design you see to make it your own. There is space for 4 links of your choice. I went with my blog website, my email address, Instagram/Twitter, and Facebook. You can even suggest adding your logo to the back of the card, but I wanted to keep mine simple, as my blog is always growing and developing, so I chose the Whitney design. The design really caught my eye and kept the card looking clean and simple without being too distracting. I did ask to customize the color to teal because it happens to be my favorite color and goes perfectly with my blog colors. 


The size is perfect. It’s not large and clunky, so it will not add weight to your handbag, which is definitely important. The size is smaller than a playing card and just about as thin, so you can imagine how weightless yet handy it is! Oh, and how about the fact that it also makes THE perfect tiny compact, in case you need to touch up your lipstick!


These cards are unique and lovely, so imagine the impact they will make! 


What design would YOU choose? Check out, and let me know in the comments section!


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