Keep the Sun Off Your Face with the SCALA Crushable Big Brim Ribbon Sun Hat


I live in a city that gets little sun during the winter, so I *TRY* to soak up as much Vitamin D the sun has to offer during the summer with a heavy dose of sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat because I’m susceptible to sunburns and a substantial amount of suntan. SCALA sent me their Summer perfect SCALA Crushable Big Brim Ribbon Sun Hat, which keeps you cool and fashionable! 



From the name, I’m guessing you’re wondering why it’s called crushable”, but it’s quite simple! The hat is large, and if you’re heading over to the beach (or somewhere similar), this is a great hat to just fold up or “crush” and put into your beach tote so that you can keep the sun off your face while you enjoy sunbathing. The crushable quality of the hat will not ruin the hat, which I absolutely love! You can “crush” it and it will come out looking brand new!


  • Circumference: 22 in

  • Brim: 5 in


Another thing that makes this hat a must-have is that it is indeed weather-proof, which means if you do happen to get splashed or rained on, your head will stay dry because that water will roll right off your waterproof hat! 

Here are some other qualities that you should know about:

  • Ribbed design.

  • Decorative knot ties at the back.

  • Brim offers stylish protection from the sun.

  • Interior sweatband offers all-day comfort.

  • Crushable construction allows for easy packaging.


Where will YOU go with your SCALA hat?! 

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