ColourPop Salt, J.I.C., Flitter, and Lights Out Ultra Metallic Lips Swatches & Review

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Can’t keep up with ColourPop! They release new products almost every week, it seems. It’s hard to resist because they are affordable and quite trendy! In fact, they have been slowly releasing Ultra Metallic Lips – metallic liquid lipsticks, and they have since released the 3rd set of 4. We are going back to the 2nd set of 4 they released – Salt, J.I.C., Flitter, and Lights Out. These are much lighter than the first 4 that released.  



A little secret: I forgot to take a photo of the Lights Out tube, so you get a bonus photo of a tube of Ultra Metallic Lips. You’re welcome. 











Lights Out:



These 2nd “generation” Ultra Metallic Lips performed A WHOLE LOT BETTER than the 1st release. I found that these were a lot more opaque and thinner than the 1st release’s formula. On top of that, they came out of the tube much easier than the 1st release. Also, the brush is back to normal instead of the brush that was in the 1st release. See the 1st release post to see what you are NOT getting. There is no scent to these, and they have a more Ultra Satin Lip type formula rather than the Ultra Matte Lip formula, so they are not drying whatsoever, but they DO emphasize dry areas of your lips, so you would still need to moisturize and exfoliate for a nice, smooth look. As for last, they are similar to the Ultra Satin Lip, as they DO transfer, but the lipstick will STILL be there. 

What do you think of these 4?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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