Boost your Greens Intake with 8G Essential Greens Booster!


Add a handful of spinach to anything, and I’m as happy as a clam! Yes, I’m being serious. But, like anyone, an addition of greens to your diet is definitely something that is welcome and healthy for your body! Now, all you need to boost your greens is 8G and a glass of water.

8G features eight of nature’s most nutritious greens—including kale, spinach, aloe vera, wheatgrass and blue green algae—in one fizzy, delicious drink.



Most people think they are getting the greens they need, and although it may be true, there’s nothing like adding 8G to a glass of water just to give you an additional push towards your green-eating goals. And, it’s super simple. Pour yourself a glass of water, add a tablet of 8G, let it fizz, and enjoy! (No added sugar and only 9 calories!)



It takes merely seconds for the fizz to make your water come “alive” with nutrients. The taste is delicious, and is almost citrus-like. It is definitely not bitter as one would assume, which makes it an easy-to-drink drink and a fabulous way to enjoy your meal!


“Greens, in general, detox and oxygenate your body, making your skin look great, and alkalize your pH level, which is both anti-aging and builds your immune system,”

– Dawn Russell, 8G founder and cancer survivor

When would you add 8G to your everyday life for an additional boost?!



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