I See Me! Personalized Gifts Celebrates YOUR Child(ren)


What’s in a name? Growing up, I always yearned to find personalized magnets, mugs, and more, but in this day and age, EVERYTHING is possible! In fact, I was ecstatic to get these personalized items for my little from I See Me! Co-founded by Maia and Allan Haag, they hope to gift each child with self-esteem so that they can understand and celebrate the unique quality of their name. 



We were sent two personalized items to show off to you – a book and a puzzle. But, I See Me! also has personalized lunchboxescoloring books, placemats, stickers,  and growth charts.


My little’s reaction?! He was SO excited to see his name AND face in every page (including the cover) of the book, and of course, the puzzle box AND puzzle. It was incredibly well-made, and no one could guess it was customized. In fact, it looks like it’s made for YOU, which makes it that much more special. 







After he had read and re-read the book, he enjoyed the puzzle over and over again!




We were so thrilled with these personalized products. It was SUPER easy to put it together – all you need to do is send the photo of your child you wish to use and give them the information that they need to fill in the child’s name, age, birthday, and more! It depends on each product what information you need to provide, but the forms are self-explanatory! 

Any child would LOVE this gift, and it sure makes a thoughtful and educational one! 


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To create your own personalized gifts for a special child or children in your life, follow the links below:

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  1. So cute! Definitely letting my friend know about this because I think she’d love it!

  2. This is cute. He looks so happy! I have always loved personalized children’s books.

  3. I need these for my Nephew!

  4. We have some personalized Disney books for the kids. They love them.

  5. How fun! 🙂 This is such a great idea!

  6. I don’t know what’s cuter….. that book, the custom puzzle, or your kid?!?! Your kid wins for sure! Adorable!!!

  7. This is so neat – I can tell from the photos that he LOVED it! He is so cute!

    I have a little cousin that was just named Jaxson – even though it’s a popular name, the spelling is unique, so I will keep this company in mind when getting gifts for him 🙂

  8. Oh man I need to get this for my nephew!

  9. He looks so happy! I loved having personalized pencils when I was a kid. It helped you know what was your gear at school.

  10. Amazing review and lovely photo. cute boy!

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