Book Review: How to Be a Hero by Nick Sharma + Bonus Craft Tutorial


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When it comes to reading, it’s always on my to-do RIGHT NOW list. Ever since I was little, I’ve always been attached by the hip to a book. Just ask my mom and dad! This is what further inspired me to write my own book, but today, we’re not talking about mine, we’re talking about fellow author, Nick Sharma’s book, How to Be a Hero. Usually, it takes me a couple of hours to finish a book of this size (268 pages), but after becoming a Mommy, it takes me a little longer. This time, it took me 2 days. I can say one thing, though! I could not put the book down. It was written with great detail giving me the experience of living the story along with the characters: Amith, Shaneel, and Karishma.



The characters are Amith, Shaneel, and Karishma, a trio of children from a impoverished village in India. The children (namely, Amith and Shaneel) rely on their sense of imagination and often dream of saving the day! A pair of frenemies, they often clash on trying to outdo each other in becoming the hero of each scene of make belief. The immense detail that they are described helps you imagine each character vividly in your head bonding them with you personally. The story really begins when they are put into a situation where they are helpless and need to save the day for someone they all adore and look up to. The two boys often indulge in movies, and they get their play ideas from there. While trying to solve the problem at hand, a movie they watch urges them to go seek adventure and really seize the day and become a hero. The story truly unwinds here, as they all face personal turmoil and struggles that are easy to relate to. You will be unable to put down the book until you see their triumph or failure. 


Inspired (and judging) by the book’s title, I immediately put together a superhero mask for my son to immerse himself into his imagination. He based it on his favorite character, Lightning McQueen, but you can add your personal touches in this easy-to-follow tutorial. 

Make your own Superhero Mask!

Step 1: Supplies you will need are felt of different colors, scissors, marker, cardboard sheet, and a hot glue gun (make sure only the adult works with the scissors and hot glue gun). You can cut out a figure 8 on cardboard the width of the wearer’s face. (Tip: Draw one half and then fold the cardboard to trace the other side.) 


Step 2: Once you have traced your cardboard “8” onto felt with the same color marker (or a similar hue so that it can blend when you cut). Place the cut “8” felt over the wearer’s eyes so you can mark where their eyes sit. Immediately mark the location and cut the eye hole. 



Step 3: Measure the elastic band around the back half of your wearer’s head and warm up your hot glue gun and add dabs of glue to the sides and applying the elastic band with pressure to bond (beware, the hot glue will be SUPER hot, so tread with caution, and please make sure that an adult is doing this rather than a child). 


Step 4: Add your shapes and embellishments with hot glue and apply pressure to assure they bond together. Allow them to dry before you move on to the next step!




Step 5: Allow the wearer to wear once completely dry! Let them seize the day and imagine away!


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The story is a great way to see the world through the eyes (especially of the innocent) of impoverished children and adults and how our great planet appears to them. To purchase the book, follow the link HERE

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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