Start Your Morning (or Afternoon Snack) with a Protein-Packed Parfait!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what’s the best way to start it? Protein, of course! My favorite way to obtain protein for breakfast is with Greek yogurt. I often have fruits on hand, so I usually toss it in with the yogurt and add some bran flakes for some crunch. 



Parfaits are just layers of deliciousness, so add whatever you’d like, but here is how I create my breakfast parfait. Sometimes, it’s a fabulous snack, as well! It packs quite a bit of protein. My particular Greek yogurt packs 20g of protein, which is definitely an awesome amount!


What’s your favorite breakfast treat?


Protein-Packed Parfait
A delicious, healthy protein-packed parfait... layers of delicious goodness!
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  1. Choice of Fruits
  2. Bran Flakes or Cereal of Your Choice
  3. Plain Greek Yogurt (or Flavor of Your Choice)
  4. Optional: Toppings
  1. In a tall cup, add Greek yogurt.
  2. On top, add bran flakes.
  3. Then, add fruits.
  4. Keep following the patterns and build up layers to as tall as you wish.
  5. Spoon and enjoy!

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