Finding Time for “Me Time”: My OREO Thin Side Story


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Between my busy schedule and my little one, I often find myself needing to take a breather or three. My sweet tooth often draws me toward OREOs since they made up most of my childhood with the idea of soothing cookies and milk. On a milk run to Fred Meyer, I decided that it was high time for some “Me Time”, so I rushed off to the Cookies and Crackers aisle, and I came across the OREO Thins. They went right into my basket! It was time for Momma to indulge in the crisp and delicate version of the classic OREOs. 


Fred Meyer is literally my one-stop-shop! I can grab an iced coffee to sip and shop, groceries, apparel (if I need some cozy socks or a robe), a book/magazine/movie for my “Me Time” AND snacks like my favorite OREO Thins! Oh, and did I mention that they have a play area where my child can play while I shop so that I can have ADDITIONAL “Me Time”? Which Momma doesn’t like to shop alone?


My idea of “Me Time” is indulging in some guilty pleasures – sweet treats like OREO Thins (and a glass of milk!), a magazine, whimsical yet adorable girly chic accents, and it’s time for some R&R for Mommy! The OREO Thins come in a few different flavors:

  • Original OREO Thins
  • Golden OREO Thins
  • Mint OREO Thins
  • *NEW* Lemon OREO Thins
  • *NEW* Chocolate OREO Thins


I’m all about the Mint OREOs – they powered me up during my college days, and the taste takes me back! But, I’m also about the Golden and Original ones. I decided for this specific “Me Time” that I needed to have some Lemon and Chocolate OREO Thins along with some Mint OREO Thins for old times’ sake. 



Craving some “Me Time”? Pour yourself a glass of milk and tear open that bag of OREO Thins and enjoy the moment! 


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OREO Thins at Kroger (July 2016)


  1. Oreos are life. Seriously!

    Where were kiddo play areas in stores when my son was small? lol

  2. Fred Meyer is our go to shop too and that kid play area is awesome. My kids are now too old for it, sad sad panda! {client}

  3. Oh no, I wish you hadn’t mentioned mint oreos! I love mint and chocolate the most. This will be hard to resist

    • OMG, those ARE hard to resist. I’ve kept them at the highest shelf so this 5’1″ girl cannot reach. :’))

  4. I haven’t tried Oreo thins yet!

  5. We all need a little me time…cookies don’t hurt either. I haven’t tried the thins yet.

  6. And now I want oreos lol

  7. I came so close to buying some last weekend. If I’d seen the lemon they’d be home right now. While my kids love the icing, I love the cookie part.

  8. I still haven’t found these here, but I will be all over the mint ones!

  9. OOHHHH I just seen these at Target, I need to go try them now that you have posted about it. I had wondered how it tasted.

  10. I actually just bot a package of these because I think I’m the only person in the world who isn’t a fan of a lot of filling. They are SO good and I didn’t know they had lemon OH MY GOD!! YUM

  11. lol I tried these and like them… but I’m more of a Double Stuf girl

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  13. When I was little I used to love to go to the grocery with my Grandma because they had a kids area which was a little playhouse with chairs inside and it showed cartoons non stop. That was civilian life, then when I went with my mom to the commissary it was so boring.

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