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When you think anti-aging, do you think only skin? Hair is also subjected to the acts of aging. Growing up, my hair was of medium thickness, but as I grow older, I started noticing that the parting of my hair is thinning and that overall, my hair is delicate. Many women (in fact, celebrity hairstylist, Jill Crosby says, “1 out of every 3 women will suffer from hereditary hair loss in her life time”)  deal with this hereditary issue, and there is a way to treat this! Women’s ROGAINE Foam® contains 5% minoxidil foam treatment that is to be used once daily.



What exactly does the women’s hereditary hair loss pattern look like, you ask? Take a look at this picture that ROGAINE® shares on their website:


Photo credit: ROGAINE®

Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is a foam that contains 5% minoxidil, which is a medication that can slow hair loss and promote hair growth in people. This foam can be added to your beauty routine seamlessly. Celebrity hairstylist, Jill Crosby recommends, “Starting a treatment plan is key, and with Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, 81% of women who used it regrew 25% more hair and it came back 48% thicker! Amazing!” The foam is easily dispensed and all you need is half a capful. Exposing your scalp, apply the foam. Make sure you part your hair 2 more times and apply. Massage from back to front (toward your forehead) until the foam has disappeared into your scalp.



I was given the opportunity to ask Jill Crosby, celebrity hairstylist, some questions about styling thinning hair and hairstyles best suited for those with hair loss. She told me, “Everyone has a different shaped face, different texture to their hair and different preferences so there is no one style that I recommend. However, I do recommend working with a stylist you like to help determine the look that suits you best with the circumstances you are working with.” As for  styling thinning hair? She believes, (The) “Best way to style thinning hair is as you would with any other type of hair, just much more carefully. So, lower the heat, lower the tension, use color, just be careful and enjoy playing with styles but watch out for too much tension or added stress on your hair, which is already fragile.”

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