Lego Minifigures: The Disney Series #17


Do you remember that earlier this month I showed you that Lego had a new Disney Minifigures Series? I snagged one more, and I can’t wait to show you WHO it is! I adore Legos and so does my son, so this has been a fun bonding experience for the both of us! Are you ready to see WHO it could be?!



It’s Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I love her diva attitude and her bad, bad self, so I was super excited by her. My son is currently playing with the Ursula minifig and the Alien minifig. I am hoping to get the Genie, Ariel, or the Cheshire Cat! So, we’ll see what we get our hands on next!

When my son and I felt around the bag, we knew there’d be a lot of pieces, so we were pretty sure we weren’t getting the Alien minifigure from Toy Story again. Ursula comes in 6 pieces.


And, then assembled:


I love how Ursula looks as a minifigure! They depicted her well! So far, I have only two of these cute little minifigures, but as I get them, they will surely be making an appearance here! Stay tuned!



Will you be collecting these? You can find them at most any stores that sell toys!

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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