Sanskriti Box (Month of June) Review


Being a 1st generation Indian-American, I can really understand the lack of resources to learn about my Indian heritage growing up. My 2nd generation Indian-American 4-year old son has not yet had a chance to think about this, but I have been instilling as much Indian culture knowledge I can. I am blessed with grandparents who took every opportunity to teach us about all the Hindu holidays and language, so I am also fluent in Hindi. My parents also did a great job at teaching us what it was to be an Indian, and every chance they could, they would share with us about their experience growing up in India. My dad, however, came here as a teen, so he has experience with both, and it gave him an idea of what we would like to know about our heritage. I recently came across a subscription box (cue whistles and applause, as we know how much I LOVE these!) that focuses on South Asian culture through crafts, activities, small food items, and books! When the box arrived, my son was in awe with the beautiful design and was more than excited to open it, so let’s join in on his unboxing.





Upon opening, you are met with the theme of the Sanskriti box along with details on the contents of the box.



My son’s reaction to all the arts and crafts at the top of the box was ECSTATIC! Those cookies also caught his eye, but let’s start with the arts and crafts.




His favorites were definitely the paint and Sharpie (he’s obsessed with Sharpies!!). The scissors, paint, and glue stick are part of the first box so that you can use them again for other crafts and activities in upcoming boxes. Also shown is the collectible charm that you receive in each box. The cookies are the edible treat for the June box.

The craft in this box is the Magic Picture and Magic Floating Orb, and since this was sent before Father’s Day, there was a bonus craft to create a Father’s Day Card.



Next, there were 5 Sanskriti Flash Cards explaining facts about the Bengal Tiger, Panchatantra, Mango, Jaipur, and Pugni. There are QR Codes on each card to further read about each item on the flash cards. These are wonderful to collect along with the charms.


These pineapple cookies are so delicious. I actually love picking these up and the cardamom creme ones at our local Indian grocery store because they are exotic and delicious! My little recognized these cookies and totally went for it.


Now, for MY favorite part of the Sanskriti box. Two beautiful hardcover books with priceless stories. My son loves to read on his own, so he already read both without me! But, I managed to convince him to let me read one for bedtime. I’m so thrilled he gets to read about stories that have a South Asian influence, as I craved these types of books as a child.





The Sanskriti box definitely gave me the feel-good factor. I have been working hard to instill our Indian heritage on my son so that he knows where he comes from, and this box definitely gives me the help I wished for. For my kiddo, he was more excited that there was a box that came in his name with all sorts of goodies, so he also was excited to check out the contents within. This is such a great concept and I can’t wait to see what Sanskriti box continues to do!

Another great thing to add about Sanskriti box is that they can adjust boxes for 1 or more kids so that you don’t have to buy additional boxes per child. For 1 child, the box is $44.95 and each child is an additional $5.

Each box ships at the 10th of the month and arrives timely!

What are you waiting for? Even if you’re someone who wants to learn about a different culture, this is a fantastic choice!

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  1. This box looks amazing!!!!!

  2. How perfect for your family. The excitement on your son’s face is quite obvious so that we know this was a hit with him. While the box is expensive, the two books are wonderful additions to his life.

    • I agree. I found it pricey, as well. I will definitely be adding more books like this to his library! 🙂

      • While the box is not cheap, the value of the items in the box exceed the box price itself. For this box, you get $35 worth of books. There are craft projects boxes that are $20-$30 for 1 child, and you haven’t even gotten to the flashcards, charms, and cookies. You could buy everything individually yourself and pay the same amount or a little less but you would spend a lot of time putting it all together while Sanskriti Box just shows up at your door for you!

  3. What an absolutely excellent idea for an educational but fun box to teach kids about Indian culture! I’d enjoy it myself!

  4. Your son makes a great model! Have you thought about him modeling for retail magazines or catalogs?

  5. This is so cool! While he may not appreciate it yet, your son will be so thankful that you taught him about his heritage from a young age! SO special 🙂

  6. What a fun box! I love that they included those folk tale books.

  7. Oh my gosh your little is so cute! I love all the products in here, looks like an awesome box!

  8. What a great box, and it is so nice to see you son enjoying it so much!

  9. This is such a fun way to help teach kids about their heritage! It is lucky now that people respect and embrace their ancestral languages and traditions. Both of my parents sadly grew up in the 1940s and 50s, and did not learn the native languages spoken in their homes because back then you were only taught English to become more “American”. Helping your son keep in touch with Hindi language and traditions is such a gift.

  10. I asked my girls if they wanted this…they said no, they just want the jewelry that great-grandma brings back. Cheeky little things!

  11. I love that they included arts and crafts to really keep a young one intrigued while still learning… I love it. I think Indian Culture is beautiful… well, I have 5 different nationalities, so I think any culture is beautiful and love learning new things. I think this is awesome. 🙂

  12. What a fun box for kiddos! Your son is quite the little box reviewer.

  13. I love this idea so much. I don’t have children, but if I did, I’d buy them one of these. I’m not Indian, but I think it’s super important to teach children about other cultures and show them how diverse and rich the world is. This is totally awesome!

  14. Oh wow this looks like a fun great box! So glad he enjoyed it!

  15. What a great box! And he isn’t the only one obsessed with sharpies! Haha, I have a huge pack of a ton of colors. I love that he lives to read too and these are spreading cultural awareness. 🙂

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