Galactic Kiss: Indie Polish Lovers Group Custom x Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer


When it comes to nail polish, it’s like an old love that needs to be reignited from time to time with beautiful and new sparkly ones. I will admit that I hadn’t bought an Indie polish in a LONG time only because I had gotten a little preoccupied to even polish my nails. My bare nails were not something I was enjoying, though, so when Bedlam Beauty posted this little number, I jumped all the hoops (just an analogy, I promise! These are easy-to-do if you really love nail polish!) to make this mine, and I literally painted my nails with Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer’s Galactic Kiss as soon as I ripped open my package!



If you know me, I’m always fascinated by the galaxies, universe, astronomy (and even astrology), as there always seems to be something bigger than us beyond! So, Galactic Kiss really spoke to me, and the gorgeous charcoal base just gave me wonderful spine-tingling chills. The rainbow holographic within just gives it that celestial look and the multi-color shreds tossed about give a lovely random feeling to the way our world and universe is. Three easy coats and a top coat is all this beauty needs, and add a bit of sunshine, and you’ll be reeling! This beauty has so many dimensions, it will drive you wild (in a good way, of course!).

Of course, this means I will be watching out for other gorgeous creations by Connie of Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer.


So, if you’re also head over heels for Galactic Kiss by Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer, you’ll want to follow these directions to get this on your nails!

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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