Giovanni Cosmetics 2 Chic Ultra-Revive and Repairing Hair Care Review


With the summer here and already warming us up, it feels good to put our hair down and tackle the day! How do you keep your hair soft and healthy with all this humidity? Let’s talk about the Giovanni Cosmetics 2 Chic Ultra-Revive and Repairing Hair Care lines.

The packaging is definitely 2 Chic (pun intended), and is easy to use. For hair products, I do prefer tubes since you can stand them up on the base/opening and that keeps them all-the-way closed and fresh, as well as all the product at the base. It’s also less messy!



First off, lets discuss the intensive hair masks! These are easy to use – just apply after shampoo and wait 3 minutes. Wash out and you’re done! After applying, my hair did definitely feel different and clean. I did not condition my hair as I usually do following shampoo because this had conditioned my hair as well as reviving it. They both do have amazing scents: Pineapple & Ginger and Blackberry Coconut. My only con about this product? Not much product in a tube, and since I have almost waist-length hair, I need more product, so this would last me about 4 – 6 washes at the most.

  • Blackberry & Coconut Oil Ultra Repair Intensive Hair Mask. Revitalizes frayed, raspy, damaged, over processed or coarse hair with creamy coconut & antioxidant rich blackberry to soothe & smooth.  It restores strength and eliminates frizz. $8.99

  • Pineapple & Ginger Ultra Revive Intensive Hair Mask. Features tropical botanicals to restore shine and smooth strands.  Moisturizes and nourishes each hair with vitamins.  Fruit nutrients wrap each strand to repair damage.  $8.99


I adore hair serums. I don’t think I ever go without it even if I have 2-day (more likely) to 5-day (which is rare) washed hair because it keeps my hair smelling good. This is a great serum that also prevents frizz, which is definitely a must for someone like me with curly hair. There’s plenty of product in these serums, and I also love that it is a pump rather than a bottle or tube since this gives you the right amount of product to use in just one pump. This should last much longer for me than a tube of Hair Mask, and that’s fine with me!!

  • Blackberry & Coconut Oil Ultra Repair Super Potion Hair Oil Serum. For damaged, over processed hair and helps smooth, soften, tame frizz and flyaways.  It also adds shine, enhancing hair color and prevents breakage and split ends.  $7.99

  • Pineapple & Ginger Ultra Revive Super Potion Anti-Frizz Hair Serum. Pineapple & Ginger nourish dry, unruly hair and improve elasticity and minimize frizz.  $7.99

What do you think about these? Have you ever tried them?

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