KBShimmer Summer 2016 Collection Swatches and Review


Summer is just around the corner. When the warmer months arrive, I like to paint my nails brights and sometimes pastels and lots and lots of shimmer. KBShimmer knows what’s up when it comes to nail polish, and her polish names always get a chuckle out of me! This collection has 12 beautiful Summer-y polishes, so let’s dive right into the swatches!

Don’t Play Koi is a white based glitter polish with “accents of coral, aqua and grey hex glitters, just like the koi ponds with thieir sparkling water and beautiful orange, white, and gray fish”.



Neon Me is exactly what it sounds like! A white-based crelly with neon glitters! Super ’80s!


Mai Tai One On is a lovely muted yellow with yellow green shimmer. This one will definitely put you in the mood for a cocktail.


Good Reef is a light peachy pink in the same finish as Mai Tai One On and has a blue/pink shimmer depending on what light you look at it in.


Ready for a Good Lime is a neon lime green! This one is so IN your face and gorgeous!


Playing with the Buoys is a gorgeous creamy sky blue! This one is just perfection!


Suit the Breeze is a periwinkle shimmer in the same finish as Mai Tai One On and Good Reef, and has a flash of pink and violet.


The one that went right on my nails as soon as I got this package was THIS baby! How Low Can You Flamingo is a warm neon pink that is ridiculously gorgeous!

08KBShimmerHowLowCanYou Flamingo

That’s Nude to Me is a stunning nude shimmer that also has a subtle linear holographic going on! Such a pretty shade that’s office friendly but has a “flashy” side to it.


Gull, Get Real! is a cool purple with metallic flakes. This one is such a stunner!


One Night Sand is in the same finish as Gull, Get Real! and is a beautiful copper/rose gold with metallic flakes.


Along for the Tide is a vibrant blue that has an obvious shimmer that really gives it the appearance of a tide pool. Care for a swim?


If you have not heard, KBShimmer just launched an upgraded site.  If you have not already logged into the new site, you will have to reset your password.  You can request your user name if you do not remember it at the same link.  


Which polish is tickling your fancy?! These release on June 1, 2016.

Website: kbshimmer.com
Facebook: KBShimmer Bath & Body

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