ColourPop Matte X (Partial) Collection Swatches and Review


With an addiction of matte liquid lipsticks and the like, it’s hard to settle on the OG bullet lipstick. ColourPop came out with Trust Me Matte X, a lightweight OPAQUE formula of lippie stix awhile back, and then, again with Poppin Matte X, and the formula really intrigued me, so I had to try it out for myself (and yes, for you!) and let me tell you – OG bullet lipsticks may be on the comeback!


Packaged like the original Lippie Stix, the only way to differentiate the two is from the bottom where it states Matte


Starting off with Pillow Talk, this putty beige is definitely something to talk about! This shade is gorgeous and was my first experience with the Matte Xs, and as soon as I applied it to my lips, it just slipped. There were no bumps as I applied it (granted, I do exfoliate and moisturize my lips RELIGIOUSLY), but I think even if you don’t, this will slip on like butter. There is NO effort applying this formula and if you are not able to wear regular matte lipsticks, please make it a to-do to try this formula because this sits so lightly on the lips and wears SO beautifully!



Hollywood Blvd was the first one to sell out, and I’m not surprised. This gorgeous brown will have you strutting!



Bootie is a bright and lovely red-orange that is so flattering it sizzles.



ColourPop hasn’t really made a burnt orange yet, so when I saw Love Life, I was all over it! This shade is a more muted red than burnt orange, in my mind.



Poppin was released as a free gift with purchase for ColourPop’s 2 Mil! That packaging was the same color as Poppin, but you can now purchase it in its regular packaging.



Back Up is my dream violet shade. This shade is PERFECTION!



And, finally, Chateau, a gorgeous wine. This shade is AMAZING!



Again, I must say that this formula is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that. It is so lightweight and glides right on without pulling on the lips. The formula is so opaque that what you see is with one swipe. I really enjoy the shape of the lippie stix because they help you line and fill. The color range in this collection is excellent, and I’m hoping for more in this formula because they are extremely comfortable. If you avoid mattes because of their drying quality and heavy feel, then you must try this as soon as possible. These will not give you a dry feeling on your lips and they definitely won’t shrink your lips as the day goes on, and the wear time is excellent, as well!

What do you think? Will you be purchasing from the Matte X collection?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I’m definitely going to try these. It’s totally unfair how you can pull off any shade! They all look gorgeous on you!

  2. These are amazing shades! I need Pillow Talk and Back Up.

  3. I can’t wear most liquid matte and all the ColourPop lippies including the satins dry out my lips. I’m so sad about it but there it is. I love love love Back Up on you. You’re right – it is perfection! I like several of the other shades too but Back Up is incredible

    • Nooo, Allison, you NEED to try these. You will be impressed that these will NOT dry your lips out nor will you even reaize they’re on your lips. You have to try one, at least!! 🙂

  4. Ooooo, I’ve been looking for a good matte and these all look amazing!!!!! Time to take the plunge!

  5. You need to be their model. You wear so many colors so beautifully. I’ll take a look at this formula when I place another order.

    • Haha I wish. Thank you for your kind words! ? Yes, you really NEED these. The formula is FABULOUS. ☺

  6. Pillow Talk was made for you!

  7. These colors would all look terrible on me but they look gorgeous on you!

  8. All of these colours look wonderful on you. How do you do that? lol

  9. I love everything esp Back up

  10. I swear, you pull off EVERY SINGLE COLOR! They all look gorgeous on you. 🙂 I think my personal favorite here is Bootie – I’ve been on the search for a pretty orange-red for summer!

    • Yes, you will LOVE it! That formula melts on your lips and feels feather light! And, thank you! ?

  11. I can’t even think of which one I love the best – maybe Pillow Talk. Beautiful!

  12. because of you, I am getting a couple of Colorpop lip products. I hope you’re pleased with yourself. 😉

  13. I love Pillow Talk on you! You rock them all, but that one’s my favorite. I really want to try these myself!

  14. I seriously love how you can pull off any color

  15. And once again, every single shade looks positively GORGEOUS on you Shipra!

  16. Back Up is my favorite of these!

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