Make Potty-Training FUN (& AFFORDABLE) with Dollar General


One huge milestone in a child’s life is potty-training. As daunting as it sounds, it is a process that can be made FUN & AFFORDABLE! How? Let’s discuss.

Before you dive head first into Pull-Ups training pants, make sure your child is completely ready! If your child shows interest in the big boy/girl potty and lets you know before they soil their diaper, chances are your child is ready! Before you rejoice, take a deep breath and realize your child will go through ups and downs and your patience is just as important as your child’s, and it definitely will be tested upon. They will depend on you to show them the way and require your encouragement and support. So, to make this process FUN & AFFORDABLE, here are a few of my tips!


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Take the Potty Personality Quiz so you can better understand and help your child reach their potty-training goals!




You can also download the Pull Ups Potty Timer app to your gadgets!


Allow your little one to track his/her own progress with the stickers of their choice! This will give them the feeling of pride and achievement.

You can also find games and fun to help your child stay motivated.


Treats are a fun way for your child to feel rewarded and also teach them positive reinforcement. Don’t forget to also use words as a treat, such as “Excellent job!” or “You are doing amazing!”

Ideas of what to fill in these baskets:
– Small toys/Trinkets
– Bubbles
– Crayons/Markers
– Coloring/Activity Books
– Stickers (Other than the ones you will use for your charts)
– Candies/Edible Treats
– “Coupons” with Special Privileges for TV, Movies, etc.




And, don’t forget to teach your child(ren) good hygiene!


Potty-training is a stage of life that helps your child become more independent and responsible. Patience is absolutely key during this fragile time.

Wishing all the parents potty-training AND, of course, their sweet tots GOOD LUCK!

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To find more tips & tricks to help you and your child succeed, click HERE.

And, find out YOUR child’s Potty Personality by taking this fun and informational quiz.

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