Lather Your Mother With Love and the LATHER with Lavender Soap Set


If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, then here’s something that EVERY mother will appreciate, especially if you’re trying to help her unwind. A beautiful trio of lavender-infused soaps and a bamboo soap dish.

The soaps included in this set are:
– Oatmeal Lavender Soap
– Rose Tangerine Lavender Soap
– Lavender Lime Soap
– Bamboo Soap Dish



The packaging is beautiful, so it makes a lovely gift right from the start. The scent is amazing, and if your mom adores lavender, which is a calm and relaxing scent, then she will be in paradise. The scents that are paired with lavender go along swimmingly making it delightful and a sensory treat.




Each soap is hand-cut and hand-poured. What really makes me proud to use (and give) LATHER products is the mission of the company itself. They have partnered with Clean the World (read below to understand their mission a little more) to help people in need obtain soaps and the National Headache Foundation by helping them with the power of aromatherapy. They also are cruelty-free and are also partnered with, “officially partnered with to offset the carbon footprint of our corporate office, and to donate to worldwide reforestation projects.”

And finally, because we wouldn’t be anywhere without our loyal customers, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on giving back through community partnerships and charitable contributions. In the last year, we’ve partnered with Clean the World to bring soap to people in need and the National Headache Foundation to help those who suffer from headaches; we’re also proud to have donated our products and time to countless other small businesses and organizations.


Also, find one NEAR YOU, bring in empty LATHER containers so they can be properly recycled and enjoy 10% on your in-store purchase!

Will your mother (or someone special in your life) be getting this gift set?

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  1. This is such a great set. I have been loving all the LATHER products I have tried for sure. Time to add a new one to my list.

  2. This is an adorable gift set!

    (though as a mom, all I want for mothers day is for everyone to clean their rooms!)

  3. I’m such a soap lover….I have 3-4 bags of unused soap I’ve bought at markets & events….I don’t know why I have a soap hoarding issue….but I guess it’s a healthy clean obsession. LOL These are packaged beautifully.

  4. Never heard of this brand before but this is a VERY cute idea for mother’s day!! I might even sneak the lavender out for myself. LOL

  5. What a great gift idea!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. These smell so amazing! I opened the box and my husband came over, beak twitching and gushed about how great they smelled. Then he asked if he could have one. Yeah… No. lol

  7. I didn’t realize LATHER had stores! Unfortunately, there isn’t one near me. I feel like I’d be there all the time if there was, buying up all this soap! <3

  8. There is nothing in this world that I love more than a beautiful soap.

  9. I LOVE Lather! The Lavender & Lime sounds so lovely, I may pick this up for myself!! 😉

  10. Great review! It sounds like a lovely gift for myself!!!

  11. YUM! What a fun gift set!

  12. What an awesome set! My mom would love it

  13. That gift set is so cute, and I love lavender! I’m not gonna lie though, when i saw the shape of the soap holder I thought it was a kit kat…. I think I need chocolate! 😉

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