ColourPop #HumbleBrag Collection Swatches and Review


Once again, ColourPop decided to spring a release on us! Four Ultra Matte Lips + four Ultra Satin Lips were added, and Dopey was also restocked. To see Dopey, click HERE. The #HumbleBrag collection is full of beautiful mauve-toned shades. Perfection. Let’s get a look!!




Let’s start with the 4 NEW Ultra Satin Lips: Littlestitious, Molly, Brooklyn, and So Wavy.

Littlestitious is a pale beige, and goes on quite smoothly! It has less of a satin finish, but you can feel the difference in wear when comparing to the Ultra Matte Lips.



Molly is what I like to describe as a purple periwinkle. Simply gorgeous!



Brooklyn is a orange-toned pink. This is a beautiful shade apt for the upcoming warmer months!



So Wavy is a beautiful, bold blue-toned jewel purple.



Moving on to the 4 NEW Ultra Mattes: Bianca (rereleased), Cheap Thrills, Privacy Please, and Are & Be.

Bianca was released before as a mini in a kit. I am glad I didn’t buy the kit JUST for this color because I almost did, and now, I get Bianca in full-size. Good thing, too, because there are 10 Things I LOVE About Her!



Cheap Thrills is a gorgeous dusty lavender. I love this shade SO much because I adore lavenders!!



Privacy Please is a beautiful mid-tone violet. This shade stole my heart!!



And, finally, Are & Be a beautiful dusty plum. OMG is all I can say to this shade. GORGEOUS!!!!



Overall, I was really happy with this collection because I’m a HUGE mauve, lavender, purple fan! If you look at them, they all look almost identical. They really change when you apply them to your lips because they work with YOUR undertones, lip pigmentation and other surrounding features! So, definitely try them out rather than swatching on your arm.

Which ones are you getting?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Once again, every color looks amazing on you!!!!! I personally love Brooklyn!!! <3

  2. I’m glad to see the Ultra Satins. I didn’t like the look of the Ultra Mattes on me but the satins look much easier to wear. As usual they are all fabulous on you.

    • The Ultra Satins are lovely! If you feel the matte liquid lipsticks are too dry for you, the Ultra Satins are amazing! <3

  3. Literally placing my order now. I NEED Bianca and Cheap Thrills ASAP. Those shades are screaming my name big time!!

  4. Colourpop has been killing it with these releases lately. I’m in love with all of these shades and they all look gorgeous on you!

  5. You rock these shades so well! I really wish my lips got along better with matte formulas, they just don’t work on me. The satins are gorgeous too, but they still look a bit matte, maybe I’ll give those a try though!

    • Some of the satins do dry down to an almost matte, but they are BY FAR the most comfortable lipstick EVER. I would definitely try one to see how it feels for you! Totally worth it! 🙂

  6. Okay…I REALLY need to finally order from ColourPop! Cheap Thrills is gorgeous on you!

  7. I keep going back and forth on Molly. I KNOW I have to have a dupe…but I still want it.

  8. I have So Wavy on my list- such a fun shade!

  9. Seriously, how can every shade be absolute perfection on you?!!!!!!!! AMAZING!

  10. I love all of these colors. They look great on you!

  11. Ooh! I am seriously wanting all the mauvey shades now. Especially Cheap Thrills *swoons*

  12. Are & Be is so on my wishlist! It looks gorgeous on you!

  13. On more on my list “MUST TRY”, you are rocking every shade!

  14. I think Molly and Cheap Thrills are ones I need to pick up

  15. I’ve been eyeing this collection since it was released… such gorgeous shades. I think I’ll check out the satin matte ones from the collection.

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