ColourPop Spring 2016 Super Shock Shadows + Alchemy & Ultra Satin Lips Swatches and Review


Can’t keep up with ColourPop, but it’s hard not to because they keep pumping out these gorgeous colors!

The items that ColourPop put out for Spring:
– 5 Super Shock Shadows: Wattles, Belladonna Lily, Flower Shop, Luckfully, and Flutes
– 1 Gel Pot Liner and 1 Eyeliner in Teaspoon (didn’t purchase these)
– 3 Ultra Satin Lips: Spritz, Botanical, and Naked Ladies
– 1 Gel Pot Liner in Descanso (didn’t purchase)
– 1 Eyeliner in HoneyDude (didn’t purchase)
– 3 Lippie Stixs: Hype Girl, Croquet, and Crumpet (didn’t purchase)


Let’s start with the Super Shock shadows! They are ridiculously gorgeous! I also grabbed Alchemy, a glitter topper from the ColourPop x Jaime King Alchemy collection. KITCHEN (4)





Belladonna Lily:


Flower Shop:






I tried to use them all together in one eye look, and I created a gradient of Belladonna Lily at the inner eyelid, Flower Shop in the center of the lid, and Luckfully in the outer lid and outer crease. In the crease is Flutes. And Alchemy highlights the brow bone and Wattles is in the tear duct.


The Super Shock Shadows are all very creamy and blendable. I love how pigmented they are, especially Luckfully and Flower Shop! Ridiculously gorgeous!


L-R: Belladonna Lily, Flower Shop, Wattles, Flutes, Luckfully, and Alchemy


Bottom to Top: Belladonna Lily, Flower Shop, (part of) Wattles


Bottom to Top: Flower Shop, Wattles, Flutes, and (part of) Luckfully


Bottom to Top: Wattles, Flutes, Luckfully, and (part of) Alchemy


Bottom to Top: Flutes, Luckfully, and Alchemy

Moving on to the Ultra Satin Lips. These are bright and playful – perfect for the Spring and Summer. These go on quite like a melted lipstick and are really lovely going on. They are also NOT transfer proof, but they still STAY strong and do leave stains depending on the deepness of the shades. To see my Ultra Satin Lips swatches from the previous release, go HERE.


Top to Bottom: Spritz, Botanical, and Naked Ladies







Naked Ladies:



The Ultra Satin Lips are one of my favorite formulas of lipstick EVER. I found Spritz and Botanical to be a little patchier than Naked Ladies. In fact, Naked Ladies was definitely my favorite of the 3 because it was more flattering on my medium skintone AND it was quite pigmented and the last was fantastic (but the last is great on all 3 of them).

Ultra Satin Lips

Which ones will you be hauling?

Facebook: ColourPop Cosmetics

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.




  1. I’m pretty much obsessed with Botanical and Belladonna Lilly. I love this collection and the look you did is gorgeous!

  2. Luckfully and Flower Shop are amazing. Gorgeous looks!

  3. These colors are fantastic and perfect for the upcoming warm weather!!!! You look amazing as always!!! ?

  4. Your eyes look so beautiful. I can’t believe you used all those shades so successfully. As usual I’m impressed with these lippies on you.

  5. The colour really pop. All the shades look beautiful.

  6. I’ve never ordered from ColourPop before but I really need to! Their eyeshadows look so nice and blendable!!

    As always – your looks are GORGEOUS! 😀

  7. I think Naked Ladies is definitely the best color for you!

  8. Love the lippies. Spritz is my kinda shade.

  9. ColourPop always has the most amazing shades. You look gorgeous, as always!

  10. I still really want to try this brand! Those shadows look lovely!

  11. I seriously need all those eyeshadows! That pigmentation is amazing!

  12. Naked Ladies looks like it was made for only you! I like Color Pop but prefer palettes to pots.

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