NuMe Magic Wand 25mm Review + 5th Anniversary Weekend Sale REMINDER


If you haven’t already, hurry and visit the POST on the 5th Anniversary NuMe Weekend Sale for more details on how to get BLACK FRIDAY deals.

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Any classic wand (reg $79) $19.99 using code HAPPY5YEARS

Any magic wand (reg $89) $29.99 using code ANNIVMAGIC

Silhouette straighteners (reg $99) $24.99 with ANNIVIRONS

Any set $89.99 (including Octowands) with ANNIVSETS


I was sent the 25 mm Magic Wand to try, and I was eager to try it out because I have long hair and have always struggled to curl my hair with a clip curling iron, and since this is clipless, I was really excited and anxious to try it out and achieve my desired mermaid curls!



The NuMe Magic Wand comes with a Heat-Resistant Glove, which is necessary since you have to manually wrap your hair around the wand.



Taking a closer look at the wand itself, you can see that it has a digital screen for temperature setting and increase/decrease buttons. It is really easy to use. The screen also turns green when the temperature you wish for is achieved.


And, the wand is 25 mm and is clipless making your curls crease-free!


I tried all different temperatures to see which one was more compatible for my hair, and since my hair is fine and slippery for curls, I used the highest temperature, 450º. The heat range is from 140º to 450º, and a 360º swivel cord. This did a fantastic job in giving me my mermaid curls. Let’s take a look:

Straight hair –


Curls –



The Magic Wand is definitely my dream come true curler because I don’t think I’ve had such luck achieving my mermaid/beach waves. So, if you want waves like this, then grab this before it sells out!!

Again, the deals are:

Any classic wand (reg $79) $19.99 using code HAPPY5YEARS

Any magic wand (reg $89) $29.99 using code ANNIVMAGIC

Silhouette straighteners (reg $99) $24.99 with ANNIVIRONS

Any set $89.99 (including Octowands) with ANNIVSETS

Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Beautiful waves! I’m so boring, I bun it every day for work. I need to get into doing my hair more. You inspire me to spend some more time on myself. 🙂

  2. NuMe sales are pretty fantastic — definitely can’t beat them! Thanks for sharing your review, I don’t own this wand…yet 🙂 I have the Titan3 set and the MegaStar. I LOVE my MegaStar — totally recommend it!

  3. Okay I really need this. I’m helpless when it comes to hair but I think I could handle a Magic Wand!! Thanks for the codes 🙂

    • No problem! I think you will LOVE it. I’m not good with a curling iron, but as you can see, I managed my Magic Wand (hence the name) easily! 🙂

  4. I also struggle with the clip curling irons, so this looks like something I could use. Thanks for the tip about the sale!

  5. I love the waves on you! Time to invest in a decent curling wand.

  6. You have such beautiful hair! I love the look of this wand.

  7. Gorgeous waves!!!! I have one of their curling wands but haven’t had much luck, though I have two left hands when it comes to styling my hair. lol!

    • Thank you! Try a higher heat? I tried with a little heat, and ended up turning it up all the way to get the curls I desired. 🙂

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