ColourPop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Lip Swatches and Review


As a liquid lipstick fiend, I’m sure you already knew I would be grabbing the 16 Ultra Satin Lips, didn’t ya? Well, I was able to get 15 of 16 (minus Dopey, but as soon as I am able to purchase that one, I will update this post with the swatch!). Until then, we have 15 Ultra Satin Lips to go through, so let’s jump RIGHT into it!

Edit: 4/20 Dopey arrived, so adding it to this post!




L-R: Toolips, Tansy, Panda, Echo Park, Magic Wand, Prim, Lost, Petit Four

The applicator is great and like the Ultra Matte Lips, but I am sharing in case anyone was curious!


Dopey, the perfect mauve pink! No wonder it sold out in the first place!!



Toolips, a plum-leaning brown. I love this – so gorgeous!



Lost, a beautiful brick red. My favorite type of red!



Panda is probably one of the first ones that went on my list when I saw swatches of these. Can’t resist a beautiful berry purple.



Echo Park is a lovely neutral with pink tones.



Magic Wand is neutral nude. This was my least favorite, but it’d look stunning on someone fairer than me.



If you follow me on IG/Snapchat, you probably saw Prim on me already AND the kiss test.



Tansy is a lovely yellow-toned brown.



Petit Four is a fun shade. It’s a blue-toned charcoal grey. Very unique!




L-R: Messin’ Around, Lyin’ King, Frick N’ Frack, Marshmallow, Cozy, London Fog, and The Rabbit

Messin’ Around is a grey-toned mid-tone beige. It’s quite lovely!



Lyin’ King is a deep raspberry shade.



Frick N’ Frack is another one I really wanted! I was really excited for this gorgeous terracotta shade!



Marshmallow is a lovely lavender. I love this shade! So cute!



Cozy is a beautiful red-orange.



London Fog is a true red. Retro glam!



The Rabbit is an iridescent pink with blue/purple shimmer. So pretty!!



Again, I was missing Dopey because that one SOLD OUT rather quickly. When it does happen to come back in stock, that is definitely coming home to me, and I will then edit it into this post right here. Overall, I was REALLY happy with the Ultra Satin Lips. They are rather creamy and apply magnificently and opaquely in ONE coat. They are incredibly comfortable and non-drying. You get a great finish with these. Sure, they are not matte and transfer proof at all, but even after 2 kisses, if you saw on my Snapchat, you could hardly tell if I had just applied the lipstick or not. Prim stained my lips to a beautiful brick red after it had been on my lips for about 6 hours, but it was a lovely stain, and I didn’t mind it. The scent is the same as the Ultra Matte Lips, but nothing to be bothered about. Another thing I’d like to mention is that you can’t really rub your lips together (like you would once you’ve applied Chapstick or lip balm) once it has been applied and “dried”. If you asked me to compare what the formula is like, I would say it is a lot like the Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks. They don’t fully dry to a matte but they last a long time and do transfer. I would have to say that I love this formula, and I may love it even more than the Ultra Mattes (gasp! Blasphemy, I know!) and I cannot wait for more colors in this range!


What do you think?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I have been resisting the urge to grab these but I think I’ll pick up a couple of them because they sound amazing. These all look so good on you!

  2. Is there anything you can’t pull off? These all look amazing on you!

  3. Oooooh, Lost and Frick N Frack are gorgeous! I love Prim on you!! Have you found Dopey yet?? 🙂

  4. Beautiful swatches and great review! I love these matted lips look wonderful and he color range is fantastic! I need to brake out of my habit and try purple lipstick!

  5. Your lip swatches are amazing, and as Melissa said, you pull off even those tricky colours like NO one else! Frick N Frack is probably my favourite because neutrals!

  6. Your swatches always look so amazing and I don’t even like matte lipstick!

  7. How long did it take for Colourpop to deliver your package?

  8. These sound great. I’ve never tried ColourPop liquid lippies…but you have convinced me! Also…you can pull off ALL THE COLORS! They all look fab on you! <3

  9. I got the email from ColourPop about these, and I meant to take a look. I didn’t realize they were liquids. The shades are great. I love Lost and Frick -n Frack. I may need to pick them up! So pretty

    • They are liquids but they don’t dry matte or even super matte. It’s like apply a melted lipstick, literally! They feel amazing, too! <3

  10. Petit Four and Marshmallow are my favorites!

  11. These look fabulous!!! And boy do you rock those reds!!! Gorgeous! <3

  12. These are so stunning on you, but The Rabbit is ABSOLUTELY amazing!

  13. The berry one grabbed my attention. You look good even w/ the funky shades

  14. I want a few of these, but waiting for Dopey to be back in stock. You are the lippy swatch queen… love it.

  15. I love how every single color looks amazing on you!

  16. one of those looks like it could be a serviceable LimeCrime dupe!

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