LIMITED EDITION Sugarpill Trinket Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Review


Sugarpill JUST released their first liquid lipstick at IMATS and then a few online not too long ago, and they SOLD OUT in like 5 minutes! For me, I had my “trigger finger” ready and was refreshing for 30 minutes, and I was able to add to cart RIGHT when the button showed up. I was really excited over this because I love a good metallic matte liquid lipstick! Art on the box and liquid lipstick is by Bei Badgirl.

Let’s take a look!


SugarpillTrinket1KITCHEN (4)

The applicator was interesting. It is shaped like a q-tip and is really spongy! I just used the tip to line and fill, and it seemed to work perfectly fine for me. I kind of hoped for a slanted doe foot applicator.


This liquid lipstick is like pure magic. It goes on completely mauve. But once it dries and you press your lips together, the gold sparkles start to come to life. And, as you continue wearing the lipstick, it continues showing up! (Hint: Once it dries, just rub your finger across your lips, and you will get maximum effect! You’re welcome.)







So, this was the first Sugarpill product I have ever tried, but I must say I’m quite in love with the formula of the Sugarpill liquid lipsticks. The formula is a mousse that smells heavenly (like a lemondrop or a lemon bar) and it goes on smoothly and dries completely lightweight. I have not felt that it was drying at all. To be honest, I forgot that I was wearing it. I’ve been wearing it for a few hours and it just gets prettier and prettier, and yes, it has faded but it does fade very gracefully! I can’t wait to see what other colors Sugarpill puts out because I’m going to want each and every one!!

What do you think of this color?

Right after application:


Once dried and patted:


Edit 2/13/16: I compared Sugarpill Trinket to LASplash Belle (now known as LASplash Hestia). Let’s take a look to see if they are dupes or close enough?

TrinketVSBelle1 TrinketVSBelle2 TrinketVSBellePackaging TrinketVSBellePackaging1

And a photo from my phone that showed the shimmer difference:


Yes, they are close enough, but the thing with Sugarpill Trinket is that the shimmer is very VISIBLE, while Belle just has a nice fine shimmer. The gold particles in Trinket are a lot bigger and they also get more noticeable as you wear it. Belle is a great substitute for Sugarpill Trinket because on the arm, they look almost identical. The base color is pretty much the same!

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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