Whet Your Appetite Wednesday: Molten Lava Mug Cake in 60 Seconds


So, most of the world is cautious about what they eat, including me. Most days, I survive on oatmeal, vegetables, whole grains and the like, but there are days that I would like to treat myself, as not to completely bore my taste buds. And, that’s okay, too. Even when you’re living a healthy lifestyle, a slice of cake will NOT hurt you, as long as you do not have a slice of cake EVERY other day thinking, “Hey, it’s okay!” I’m totally an advocate of treating yourself maybe once a week. On those days, I usually have a small treat, but with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share this single serve (perfect for a me-time Valentine’s Day or a great way to serve up cake portioned to your Valentine!) that is complete in 60 seconds! YES, you heard me right, in 60 seconds, which yes, is also a minute.


This is incredibly easy, so even if you’re not a baker, you can handle this! Trust me… KITCHEN (6)

All you need is:
– Your favorite kind of chocolate cake mix
– Chocolate chips
– Your favorite kind of chocolate spread
– 1 tbsp of vegetable oil/coconut oil

You can create this in a microwave-safe bowl OR you can use a mug. As you can see I have used a mug, but I’ve also created it in a microwave-safe bowl, where I was able to pop out the cake and serve, as well. 

1 (2)

To prep the mug, apply the oil inside to make sure the inside is coated. In a separate bowl or even in the mug, add about 4 tbsps of cake mix or 1/3 the amount of the mug, add water (or if you’re okay with milk), add just about 2 – 3 tbsps and also your chosen amount of chocolate chips and mix until you have a rich batter. Add a nice dollop of your favorite chocolate spread into the center. You do not need to press it into the batter, as it will automatically sink since the cake will rise. I also threw on a couple of chocolate chips at the top. Place it in the microwave for 60 seconds, and voila!


Be very careful taking it out of the microwave as the mug handle will be super hot. You can use an oven mitt to remove it. For a cute serving idea, place it on a matching saucer. You can also add your favorite whipped topping, some chocolate sauce, and just about whatever your heart desires.


Just for fun. No brands affiliated.


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