SoCozy Boing Curl Shampoo, Conditioner, and Curl Gel Cream


When my son was born, he had a head full of hair. I gasped at his perfect little newborn coif because it was just too cute. As he grew older, his hair obviously followed suit. Even after many haircuts, his hair would always curl up, and so I realized he was a boy after my own heart (and hair), so I have been trying to nourish his hair from the very beginning with coconut oil and such. SoCozy reached out to me and asked if I’d love to try their Boing Curl set, and I was ecstatic as I’ve been meaning to put him on a kids’ haircare routine, as I feel the shampoo/conditioners/gels we use are harsh for children. So what did we think? Read on…



I was really impressed with the Boing Curl set because they are extremely gentle. The shampoo doesn’t lather into a KITCHENbubbly mess that trickles into your little one’s eyes. In fact, it stays pretty much in the hair without doing such thing and is simple to wash away. The conditioner gives the right amount of slickness to the hair without weighing down your child’s curls. It allows them to dry and have a beautiful “boing” to them, as promised. Last but certainly not least, the Gel-Cream is fabulous! I’ve been trying to find a child-safe Gel-Cream, and this is it. There’s no offending scent, no crispiness to the hair, and absolutely no residue. This makes me confident that my child’s hair is being nourished with only the best and keeping his curls healthy, as well. And, there’s nothing better than making bath time fun AND safe AND healthy for your child.


What do you think? What products do you use in your child(ren)’s hair? You can find SoCozy at a Target near you!

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  1. Your son is absolutely adorable!! 🙂 I don’t have any children, so I don’t have to think about child-safe formulas, but I’m tempted to try it as an adult. (I have thick, wavy hair….)

  2. omg he’s adorable! My older son has hair that’s thick and straight… so far my younger’s hair is super fine and straight. I sometimes wish for curls! Thank you for the great review!

  3. First of all, that precious baby of yours is growing up!! What a handsome little guy <3 Secondly, these products sound really nice for kids! I'll have to suggest them for my nephews!

  4. It’s cool how it doesn’t suds up. That was always my complaint as a kid – soap in my eyes.

  5. He’s so cute! And his hair looks amazing!

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