Milani Cosmetics Craze, Loved, Sweetheart, Devotion, and Covet Amore Matte Lip Cremes Swatches and Review


As you know, many people have boarded the liquid lipstick train. Just as most companies have also out liquid lipsticks. Milani Cosmetics recently put out 8 liquid lipsticks (that they said were LIMITED EDITION, but have now made permanent AS WELL as adding more to the collection!)

The ones that will be discussed in this post are the following:
– Craze
– Loved
– Sweetheart
– Devotion
– Covet


L-R: Craze, Sweetheart, Loved, Devotion, and Covet KITCHEN



Starting off with Craze, this punchy coral will be a staple during the summery months!




Next, we have Loved, which is a nice brown-toned pink. This is also quite similar to Beloved from the previous release.



And a quick comparison of Loved vs. Beloved:


Sweetheart is the perfect pink with neutral undertones making it exceptionally flattering on all skintones.



Devotion is a red beyond compare. This one will be one you will never want to take off!



Covet is a deep, dark chocolate brown.



These liquid lipsticks smell like vanilla buttercream and they apply completely smoothly and opaque. None of the 5 above were patchy whatsoever. They are long lasting, transferproof and completely matte, and that’s why these make it to being one of my top favorite brands of liquid lipsticks.

What do you think of these shades?


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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Pretty colors, especially the coral! I haven’t been able to find these yet, but hopefully they’ll pop up soon since they’re now permanent.

  2. Loved is my favorite, but Devotion is a gorgeous shade of red! The coral shade looks fabulous with your eye makeup

  3. The formula sounds great, and they sound like they smell so yummy! I love the shade Loved!

  4. These all look so pretty on you.

  5. These are gorgeous…so difficult to chose a favorite! I love Milani 🙂

  6. These mattes always look great on you. I’m jealous.

  7. All of the colors look great on you. I still need to do a swatch vid. My fave on me is Beloved.

  8. I wish I could pull of a coral. Stunning!

  9. You make me want all of them! I especially love Loved.

  10. I still haven’t gotten on the liquid lipsticks bandwagon, but these look wonderful on you! I might have to keep an eye out for these.

  11. Covet is my #1 pick although you look fabulous in all shades!

  12. Ooh, I am happy they made these permanent. Milani takes for ever to get here. I really like Loved and Sweetheart!

  13. I especially love Loved – it appears to be a tad less brown than Beloved in the swatches. You pull off matte lippies beautifully!

  14. Great colors, I also am loving their packaging.

  15. I love Milani’s lippies!

  16. Starting off with Craze looks so pretty!

  17. I’m not a matte lip product lover but they look really nice on you!

  18. LOVE this line of lip cremes from Milani!

  19. Ohh, I can’t wait until these come to my drugstore — I want to get that Loved shade! So beautiful!

  20. So glad they came out with new shades! These are the best!

  21. Thank you sooo much! I already had Loved, Devotion, and Sweetheart on my wishlist, now I’ll definitely have to snag them. Why are swatches of these so hard to find?? They just came out with even more shades, save my wallet! =)

  22. THanks for the review! How do Covet and Limecrime’s Salem compare? I’m leaning towards Salem because it looks like it has a redder undertone- what do you think?

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