TextureTame Frizz-Eliminating (3-piece) System Review


Do you struggle year-long with the frizzies? I definitely was one that has struggled with frizz all my life. I have curly hair, and so, I’ve always had to straighten my hair with plenty of frizz-controlling products to keep it straight. If I wanted to keep my hair curly, then I had to put TONS of product in my hair to make sure my curls stayed sleek and frizz-free. So, how have I been managing my frizz now? I’m so excited to share the TextureTame Frizz-Eliminating (3-piece) System with all of you.


As a long-haired girl, I always find it daunting to keep my hair frizz-free, and so when I was asked to try out the KITCHEN (2)TextureTame Frizz-Eliminating (3-piece) System, I could barely contain my excitement. Can you imagine? I would be able to blow dry my hair and go out without having to use any hair-styling product at all. So… let’s see if it worked!

TextureTame Frizz-Eliminating System includes:

  • Eliminate (8 fl. oz.): seals the water-loving hydrophilic bond within the hair shaft permanently

  • Moisture Lock (16 fl. oz.): fortifies strands and increases elasticity to seal your hair and ensure it stays smooth and insusceptible to changes in weather

  • Finish (8 fl. oz.): instills lasting shine and smooths the hair’s cuticles to preserve color and prevent heat and UV damage

First, you apply Eliminate all over your shampooed ONLY and dry hair, comb through and let sit for 30 minutes. This thick cream feels almost like paste and is cooling, but I let it do its job. This needs to be done once every 3 months.


Once the 30 minute timer went off, (yes, it’s important you take it off in 35 minutes or it could reverse the effects) you wash it off, shampoo lightly, towel dry and apply Moisture Lock. Apply it and comb through once again and cover with a towel or shower cap and let sit for 15 minutes. If you think you don’t have 45 minutes to do all this, think again. You can easily just add a shower cap and continue with your showering. When the 15 minutes is up, lightly shampoo again and finish. This needs to be done once a week.

Add Finish and style however you wish. All I did was blow dry to see how my curls turned out. And, this can be done daily.


If you see, my curls went from dry and unkempt to more defined and shiny. And, this is all from just the 3-system, combing wet hair and then blow drying! I’m super thrilled with this system and will be keeping up with it to make sure it saves me time from styling my hair.


When straightened, my hair also looked sleeker and healthier. As you can see above, in the BEFORE picture, my hair is not COMPLETELY straight, while in the AFTER image, my hair looked sleeker and straighter.

What do you think? Will you be going this route to eliminate frizz? Using the link below, enjoy 30% off!

Website: TextureTame

Sponsored post including press samples. All opinions are honest and my own.


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