MAC Cosmetics Tailored to Tease, Dance With Me, Oh Lady, and High Drama Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Swatches and Review


It seems that it was looooooong time ago when MAC Cosmetics announced that they were adding liquid lipsticks to their already amazing line of lipsticks. Of course, I flipped. These will be permanent and there’s a great selection of colors. I chose 4 (for now) to test and share with you!


Let’s see the colors we will be looking at today! PurchasedbyMeSticker

– Tailored to Tease
– Dance With Me
– Oh Lady
– High Drama


I love how they incorporated their lipstick packaging into the liquid lipstick packaging. In pictures I had seen online, I found them to be a little silly looking, but they are actually pretty cute!! The MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour applicator is a teardrop shape, which is one of my favorite applicator shapes because it makes it easy to line and fill in the lips with color. YES, these DO smell like vanilla like their lipstick counterparts!


Let’s move on to the swatches!

Tailored to Tease is a gorgeous fuchsia, which is quite flattering and creamy to apply!



Dance With Me, a cranberry red, is a stunning deep red that is ripe.



Oh Lady is the one that I wanted the most! And, it did not fail to please. This deep plum beauty is just that!



And, finally, High Drama is a gorgeous deep dark blackened purple. This one is just vampy and amazing!



I was impressed with the creamy almost mousse-like formula of the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours. The vanilla scent made me happy because I knew I was curious if they smelled as delicious as the MAC lipsticks, and they do! The formula goes on extremely smooth and dries quickly to a retro matte (flat) finish. It is comfortable to wear, but if you have dry lips, then make sure you keep your lips moisturized and exfoliated (and moisturized again) before you apply this lipstick. Oil will definitely break it down, but the darker shades stain and wear off gracefully. For example, I’ve been wearing High Drama, and I ate a burger and had a drink of water or two, and my lips still have the color on STRONG. That’s pretty good lasting power! Make sure you check my Instagram for pictures of wearing down, etc.


Top to bottom: High Drama, Oh Lady, Dance With Me, and Tailored to Tease

So, what do you think of these shades?

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I love love love Tailored To Tease! And I love the packaging too. One thing that kind of disturbs me about the others as well as a number of other deep shades of liquid lipsticks that I’ve seen and that I own is that the dark colors aren’t uniform – they look like the black or darkest part of the shade separates from the true pigment. Maybe it’s just me but I wish they would stay fully mixed, if that makes any sense. I’m sure I’m overthinking this 😉

    • No, I know what you mean! High Drama was high drama to apply. It is creamy and goes on like a dream EXCEPT you need 2 layers. It may look funky because it is a micro of my lips but from a length, it looks fantastic! 🙂

  2. These are all so flattering on you. I don’t think I paid any attention to these before but now I want to go to the MAC store to see the colors in person.

  3. You just enabled me. I’m going to check these online now…

  4. These are all so gorgeous on you! I think Tailored to Tease is my fave.

    • Aw, thank you, Julie! Tailored to Tease is totally Flat Out Fabulous in liquid form, and that one is my faveeee pink by MAC! ?

  5. WOW, these are absolutely gorgeous shades!

  6. I haven’t bought anything MAC in… a very long while, but I am very into these. The shades look amazing!

  7. Tailored to Tease is gorgeous. What brand and type of eyeliner do you wear? It looks so pretty on you.

    • I wear Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner on the top lid and Julep Gel Eye Glider, ColourPop Gel Eyeliner OR Borghese eyeliner. Here, I think I was wearing the Julep one.

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