Redken Color Rebel Naturals (Rose Revolution, Knock ‘Em Blonde, and Call the Coppers) Hair Makeup Review


If you enjoy changing up your hair, and are like me, and don’t want to make the change permanent, this is absolutely something for you! Redken Color Rebel Naturals Hair Makeup is a more conservative temporary hair color that you apply with a sponge applicator. I have reviewed these in the past, and they were more bold options.

The colors I was sent to try were:
– Rose Revolution
– Knock ‘Em Blonde
– Call the Coppers


L-R: Knock ‘Em Blonde, Rose Revolution, and Call the Coppers

In the package, you are sent a sponge to press into the bottle, and once presssamplestickeryou have made sure it is on tightly, you put the lid back on, and shake it like a polaroid picture (sorry, had to do that!). Then, you twist it depending on the direction the arrow shows, and you will slowly see color creeping up. 



I must say that I was more impressed by the bolder color selection, namely Red-dy to Rock because it showed up in my almost jet black hair. Knock ‘Em Blonde hardly showed up in my hair (if you look in the below picture, it actually looked more like white hair rather than blonde). I used Rose Revolution, more of a rose gold glitter top coat, at the bottom of my hair to create an ombre, a touch of Knock ‘Em Dead above that, and Call the Coppers (which did, in fact, show up) towards the roots. It was beautiful, and it did gather some compliments, and since my hair is fine and thin, the color lasted past 3 hair washes. It did make my hair crispier than the bold shades, which actually made my hair feel like there was absolutely no product in there.


Overall, I still enjoyed the Redken Color Rebel Naturals because it is a great way to spice up your hair without committing to a certain color, and it is very easy to use and little mess. The product goes on smoothly and dries super fast with either a blow dryer or a hair brush. Keep in mind that if you use a straightener or hair brush will get color on it, and that will take work to remove, so use one you do not care too much about or use a hairdryer until it is completely dry and then style, wash hair brush immediately.

What do you think? Is this a great alternative to dying your hair?

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