Watch #TVEverywhere with NBC Entertainment


Are you like me? Once the cooler weather strikes, you cozy up in a Snuggie Blanket and some comfortable socks and monopolize the remote. I’m a TV junkie, for sure. I usually prefer watching TV series than movies most days because they are short, sweet (mostly), and simple, and you can continue them on your time without forgetting what you watched previously! But, need I forget, the TVs are usually occupied by my son (with toons) and my husband (with football). What’s a girl to do? Watch TV on her laptop, of course.

Enter NBC Entertainment with the ability to stream live TV and catch up on your favorite shows!


For me, that would be The Voice. I love following music and talent shows, and adore seeing everyday people make it with their sweet, serenading VOICEs. The Voice is currently on Season 9, and I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t been watching it because I have been busy with moving and all. So, NBC Entertainment came to the rescue, so I can catch up on all the episodes on my laptop without feeling behind!

I am usually on #TeamPharrell AND #TeamAdam because I have been listening to (and identify with) their music for years and years. And, I love the way they both handle themselves as a coach and celebrity. Doesn’t hurt that they are also easy on the eyes.

So, what show are YOU going to catch up on? So many things to choose from (besides Voice), like The Blacklist, Heroes Reborn, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD.


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