Michael Todd Soniclear Elite Deluxe on EVINE Live!


When it comes to using makeup wipes, I have pretty much tried them all! The Michael Todd True Organics Cleansing Wipes are some that I have tried before, but I haven’t actually reviewed them. I will definitely make note to review them soon! Spoiler Alert: They work well! 

I’ve had the Soniclear on my wishlist for quite some time because I really believe in skincare devices to keep my skin exfoliated and renewed. So, this deal is definitely something to look into if you, like me, are interested in trying them out! 



Michael Todd is premiering their Soniclear Elite Deluxe on EVINE Live and evine.com featuring a special

Michael Todd Today’s Top Value – EVINE Live’s best value of the day!

If you aren’t familiar with the Soniclear Elite, it will refresh and revive the look of tired skin with its

sonic-powered, antimicrobial brush heads. The complete body, pedi and face system with an optional C-

Boost™ Technology mode, make this “youth machine” the go-to cleansing and exfoliating tool for all skin

types. Especially suited for aging skin to slough off dead dulling skin cells while deep cleaning the pores

of dirty and makeup for a refreshed appearance and a more radiant complexion.

Great for gifting, Soniclear Elite Deluxe will be offered in eight different colors! The Deluxe set can be

yours for less than $129 plus S&H and will include:

 Soniclear Elite Sonic Powered Skin Cleansing System with C-Boost™ Technology, Charging Stand

and Power Adapter

 Antimicrobial Face Brush Head

 Antimicrobial Body Brush Head

 Pedi Treatment Head

 Shower Extension Arm

 Hard Shell Travel Case

 Shower Caddy

This special price is good for a limited time through 9:59pm ET 11/4/15.

Michael Todd is premiering their Soniclear Elite Deluxe on EVINE Live and evine.com on 11/3 at 10pm

and 11pm ET and 11/4 at 4am, 5am, 6am, 10am, 2pm and 7pm ET.

Tune in to watch the show live on evine.com or find EVINE Live on your local station. You can also buy it

now or shop all Michael Todd products on EVINE Live.


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