Savvy Naturalista Mani Mochi and Mega Mochi Review


With the dry, cold winter months coming, your body will need some extra TLC. Savvy Naturalista has you covered with Mani Mochis and Mega Mochis – these adorable scrubs are a clean and easy way to exfoliate.

The ones I received to share with all of you are:
– Lemon Lips Mani Melt
– Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie Mani Melt
– Taste the Rainbow Mega Mochi
– Love Shack Mega Mochi
– The Siren’s Drink Mega Mochi


The inspiration behind these mochi scrubs are the Japanese rice cakes and mochi ice cream (pounded rice shelling and icePressSampleSticker cream filling) – yum!

These, however, are NOT edible!

What you do use these for is to exfoliate. Mani Melts are for your hands, and Mega Mochis are body scrubs that elimintate the mess you get from jarred body scrubs.

How do you use these? Use on your wet skin, and it will become a wonderful, exfoliating paste and you can use it further like a body scrub or mani scrub.

Let’s take a closer look at each one I received!

Lemon Lips Mani Melt came in an adorable Jack o’ Lantern shape – perfect for Halloween!


Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie Mani Melt:


Taste the Rainbow Mega Mochi:


Love Shack Mega Mochi:


The Siren’s Drink Mega Mochi:


Overall, the Mani Mochis and Mega Mochis are my new favorite thing because they are a mess-free way to keep your skin exfoliated! This is wonderful because I end up wasting a lot more product from jarred body scrubs. They smell amazing – each and every one of them! And, she did such a wonderful job bubble wrapping them that they arrived in one solid piece. I have been storing them in the refrigerator to make sure they do not melt somehow, even though, the weather is quite chilly, so they should not, but I would totally recommend if you buy this in the summer to store them in the fridge. They look quite edible so make sure you mark DO NOT EAT – NOT EDIBLE. Trust me, you want to do that. My husband/son thought I was hiding candies/edible mochi! Haha!

Website: Savvy Naturalista

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