ColourPop Fall 2015 Ultra Mattes + Creeper Ultra Matte Lips Swatches & Review


Before I moved, I made this order, and then realized that I forgot to order Guess. So, I decided to quickly order it, and it was quite the daredevil move as ColourPop processes 3- 5 days and then ships 3 – 5 days and I had less than 2 weeks time, but I managed to get it in time. *PHEW!* When I did these swatches, I realized, yet again poor little Guess forgot to make an appearance, and I went through my entire makeup (well, sort of, as I only brought a limited amount with me, while the rest is patiently waiting for me in storage) and guess what? GUESS! Missing again. Seriously? This has got to be the silliest luck. Anyway, before I order it again, I’m going to turn my makeup inside out. And, watch, when and IF I do reorder it, it turns up right under my nose. Any of you got luck like that?

So, before you tell me, hey, lady, you forgot Guess (and Dr. M, which has a post of its own). Read the above AGAIN. 😉

So, let’s talk about what you shall see in this post:
– ColourPop Clueless Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Beeper Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Bedazzled Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Kapow Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Mr. Blonde Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Jellies Ultra Matte Lip
– ColourPop Creeper Ultra Matte Lip


Top – Bottom: Jellies, Creeper, Kapow, Clueless, Beeper, Bedazzled, and Mr. Blonde PurchasedbyMeSticker

Starting off with Jellies, the navy blue beauty, this one makes me want to wear this all day long, but I realize that not everyone is used to seeing blue lipstick on a woman, so it’s not that easy!




Creeper is a shade that is retro pin-up red, and looks like the signature Taylor Swift “Red Lip Classic” Lip. You’ll want this right away!



Kapow is definitely that – a shade that gets in your face and says, “KAPOW!” Such a beautiful shade that looks wonderful on all skintones. I think this is such a great unique shade!



Clueless is anything but. You won’t be dazed and confused in this shade. This baby pink is perfect for everyone!



Beeper will have you singing, “Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me!” Anyone remember Kim Possible? Ha, I was too old when that came out so imagine now. 😛 Don’t. Don’t do it.



Bedazzled will have you signing away your soul. This deep dark purple will enchant you!



And, last but not least, if you have seen Reservoir Dogs, you’ll understand the reference to Mr. Blonde.



These shades are uber stunning, and so fun to wear! With Halloween coming up, some of these are definitely worth bringing out to jazz up your costume. Or, hey, wear it any day BUT Halloween, I respect you! What do you think of these lovely shades?


L-R: Creeper, Kapow, Beeper, and Clueless


L-R: Bedazzled, Jellies, and Mr. Blonde

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Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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