Jeffree Star Cosmetics Posh Spice & Celebrity Skin 2.0 Swatches and Review


Happy Birthday to Me! 

And, back to our program! 😉

If you don’t know who Jeffree Star is, you need to go see for yourself. One word: DIVALICIOUS! But, besides that Jeffree Star is the creator for Jeffree Star Cosmetics! Two liquid lipsticks I hauled recently were Posh Spice and Celebrity Skin 2.0. In about 11 days, the release of Masochist will be creating a frenzy because it’s the most gorgeous pink ever! So, let’s take a look at these two beautiful nude liquid lipsticks for now!


The packaging is just precious! I love the whimsical caps, and the beautiful casing! The applicator is perfect, and allows you to line and fill your lips with ease. PurchasedbyMeSticker


Starting with Celebrity Skin 2.0, it is actually just Celebrity Skin on the website, but it was reformulated to be more opaque on the lips. I really wanted this shade, but I am so glad I waited because it would not have shown up on my lips otherwise. This is the perfect nude for me, and I love it so much with a nice, smoky eye.



Posh Spice. Yes, you’re thinking of Spice Girls, aren’t you? This Posh Spice is a stone cold fox. It’s a cool nude that gives off an almost putty cement shade to the lips. This is a fun wear and even though it is hard to pull off was a shade I truly enjoyed! (On the eyes is tarte Showstopper palette)




Now, as with all liquid lipsticks, most of you really want to know comparisons, dupes, and all that jazz. Well, here you go!


And a close-up of Posh Spice and Celebrity Skin:


The quality of these are fantastic. They don’t really have a taste or scent from what I remember. I love how they apply smoothly and with perfect opacity! I definitely want more, especially Masochist!

Tell me, are these colors doing it for you!? Which one is more your taste? Warm – Celebrity Skin or Cool – Posh Spice?

Facebook: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. These are such unusual colors. I’ll be interested in seeing what their pink lipstick will be like.

  2. You are amazing! You can wear any shade and look fabulous! I’d be a corpse in the cool putty shade, and I’d have a tough time pulling off the first one. But you got me curious about Masochist. Pink, you say! Gotta see it. Hope you’ve had a fun birthday!

  3. I love the warm color. Someone told me these could say on for like 12+ hours, is that your experience with them? I have not tried these and I’m thinking I need to!

  4. Celebrity Skin is pretty. I doubt I could ever pull off Posh Spice lol. And Happy Birthday to you <3 Hope you had a blast!

  5. It is so crazy how popular Jeffree Star is now. I bought his cd back in 2008 because I thought he was so beautiful. The music was bad, but the pamphlet inside with his pictures were GORG hehehe. I will be asking for these for Christmas, and a few more fun colors. These look great on you!

  6. It completely defies logic that anyone could look amazing in every single color that graces her lips, but EVERYTHING looks gorgeous on you! These look absolutely stunning on you! If I wore such a taupey nude I would look like I was gearing up for the zombie apocalypse!!!!!!

  7. These are pretty! You pull them off well.

  8. LOVE the packaging!! I could never pull off these shades, but they look fab on you!

  9. I have never tried these but Celebrity Skin 2.0 looks so lovely!

  10. I’ve been curious about these shades. I love them both but I’m not sure I can pull off Posh Spice.

  11. I would look dead in a nude shade like these, but you look great!

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